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Riverside Farm Wedding Photographer

A Riverside Farm Wedding Photographer is given a myriad of opportunities to capture incredible, natural views. Riverside is a gorgeous authentic Vermont farm that caters to every need of the bride, groom, and their guests. A Riverside Farm Wedding Photographer can easily capture the rustically charming and elegantly simple allure of the venue. In this photo, the groom and his men walk from what is called the Groom’s Cabin to the location of the wedding ceremony. The men look relaxed, strolling through the farm in Vermont sunshine. The scene surrounding the men is captivating. From the green of the lawn to the detailed wooden siding of the barn they walk past. Trees bloom in the background, branches reaching to touch the clouds above. The setting provides a perfect moment that is just for the guys as they escort the groom to the spot where he will see his bride and swear to love her for all of the days to follow.