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Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding

A Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding gives couples and guests the exceptional experience of a venue that combines coastal Connecticut farmland and a WWII-era private airport. Saltwater Farm Vineyard is bordered by the tidal marshes of Wequetequock Cove and traces its agrarian roots back more than 350 years to the founding of Stonington, Connecticut in the mid 1600s. The rich history of the space has been preserved by the venue and make for an enchanting Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding day. This black and white photograph shows the interior of one of the vineyard’s reception locations. The space is both charmingly rustic and elegantly set up for the wedding reception. Wine barrels sit in the corner of the room, and the walls of the venue are made up of both brick and reclaimed wooden planks. The setting is intimate, with guests standing at their tables and on a balcony above the couple, as the bride and groom share their first dance. The newlyweds shine under the affectionate gazes of their closest friends and family. At the front of the room the bride and groom sway to the beat of the music that flows throughout the room and fills their hearts will so much joy they could burst. The groom has eyes only for his wife in this moment, holding her close and singing along to the lyrics of their song. The bride laughs, fully immersing herself in the present moment. She has planned and waited for this day, and now she can relax into the celebration and the loving arms of her husband.