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Same Sex Wedding Photographer

As a Same Sex Wedding Photographer, I experienced a stunning backyard wedding in Fairfield County. The couple designed the ceremony and reception themselves, giving it a feeling that was unique to their love. Taking control of the details of the celebration allowed the two men to create a day that fit them perfectly. Being a Same Sex Wedding Photographer in this intimate setting, the moments I captured were of the grooms as individuals, the happy couple rejoicing together, and the guests as they celebrated the occasion. This image shows one of the grooms preparing for his big day. He gazes in the mirror to assess his look and he adjusts his suit braces. The classic black and white photograph makes the image seem timeless. It is of a man putting on his suit, looking into his future, and getting ready to vow to spend the rest of his life with the person he loves. His suit jacket hangs nearby on a closet door, anxiously waiting for him. Until then, it is as though the world around him is holding its breath. When he does slide that jacket on, he will walk downstairs and out to the backyard to take the hands of his future husband, and the world will exhale with delight.