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Same Sex Wedding Photography

Weddings do not need to take place in a lavish venue to be special. This couple opted for a backyard wedding that made for intimate and charming Same Sex Wedding Photography. Everything about the day was designed by the grooms, and fit their personalities and relationship perfectly. The day was overflowing with the love and joy of celebrating to people joining together in marriage. The love between the grooms was immeasurable, as was the the love that shone on the faces of their family and friends. The day was a culmination of detailed planning, but it was also a day for love to take precedence over all else. The union was one that joined two very individual styles together, which was evident in the suits worn by the grooms. Each wore a suit in a shade of blue, but this is where similarities ended and their appearances began to vary. As seen in the photo, the groom on the left has tousled hair, a beard, and wears a blue checkered suit jacket. His silver tie runs down the front of pale yellow shirt, as a friend gives him a warm hug. On the right, his husband wears a white dress shirt with a silver bow tie, and a plain powder blue jacket. This groom wears his dark hair short and allows for only a hint of a beard to grace his face. The two are different in their appearances, but there is one significant detail that is the same -- the look of adoration on each man’s face.