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Same Sex Wedding Photography in Fairfield County

Same Sex Wedding Photography in Fairfield County is a joy is produce. This Same Sex Wedding Photography in Fairfield County shows two grooms in the midst of their wedding ceremony. The wedding was held outdoors on the lawn of a private residence. For the ceremony, the grooms rented stained wooden church pews. The two men sit in one of these pews, laughing heartily as a friend speaks to them and the guests from the podium. The grooms each wore suits, with silver bow ties and white dress shirts, however, they did not match beyond those two items. One groom wore a light blue suit, while the other wore charcoal gray. On either side of the soon-to-be newlyweds sit the flower girl and the ring bearer. The two little ones have already done their duties for the day and are not as interested in the speeches being given before them. On the right side of the picture, the ring bearer sits up in his child-sized white adirondack chair, chomping on a cookie pop. He is happy as can be and in his own little world with his treat. He wears a black suit with a vest and bow tie, with brand new white and black sneakers -- a special purchase for this special day. On the left side of the picture the flower girl has begun to daydream. She sits in her own white adirondack chair, staring off into the space before her. Her hair has been curled and she wears a white dress and new patent leather white shoes. It has been a long morning for such a young girl and she is ready to change into clothes that are better for playing so that she can run around in the grass. The laughter of the adults does not phase either child, they each just wants to move on to the next event of the day, and  to continue the celebrations.