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San Francisco Wedding Photographer

The Epic Roasthouse provides incredible views for a San Francisco Wedding Photographer. The venue is set on the San Francisco Bay and guests who attend are able to witness the breathtaking view of the Bay Bridge through the Epic Roasthouse expansive windows. In this image, the bride and Groom stand in the outdoor patio area of the venue. Through the windows, one can see guests seated at tables chatting with friends and looking out at the newlyweds. Lights inside the room bounce off the windows and create a lovely backdrop for the bride and groom. Outside, the couple share an affectionate kiss under a starlit night sky, with the scenery of the San Francisco Bay and the Bay Bridge before them. The bride in this photograph chose to wear a non-traditional wedding dress. Her gown is covered in gold sequins that shine and shimmer in the moonlight, a unique and beautiful choice. The bride’s hair is down and curled, with golden drops hanging from her ears and a gold bracelet adorning her wrist. The couple are framed by the clear glass doorway that leads out the patio, making them the center of attention and of the image. The groom is striking in a black suit, white dress shirt, and red tie. He can not contain his expression of joy as he kisses his wife, dipping her back slightly in his arms. The bride and groom both hold a glass of champagne, which they will each raise in a moment to toast to a lifetime of love and happiness.  As a San Francisco wedding photographer, there are so many great wedding venues to photograph at including Loews Regency San Francisco, Presidio Officers’ Club, The Omni San Francisco Hotel, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco Design Center Galleria, Observation Post at the Presidio, Golden Gate Club at the Presidio, Swedenborgian Church, Argonaut Hotel, and Commodore Cruises & Events.