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Savannah Georgia Wedding Photographer

Savannah is a top wedding destination for modern day couples. The city is home to a number of wedding venues, each with its own special flare and all perfect settings for a Savannah Georgia Wedding Photographer. The image above shows a wedding reception that was held at the Savannah Golf Club. The Savannah Golf Club is a private, member owned club which has existed since 1794. The location is on record as being the oldest golf club in America and is believed to be the first American city where the game of golf was played. Couples do not need to be members of the club to have their weddings there, but they do need to be sponsored by a member. This reception was a joy for a Savannah Georgia Wedding Photographer. The picture above captured the moment when the bride was about to toss her bouquet into a crowd of wedding guests. Women in attendance at the reception wait with outstretched arms to catch the bouquet. Though the bride is not pictured, one can imagine her standing before the crowded with her back turned and her flowers leaving her hands as she throws them over her head. There are a wide variety of emotions on the faces of the guests. The picture is one the bride will surely enjoy after the celebrations have concluded, especially because she does not get to see the expressions of her friends and family with her back turned.  There are so many great wedding venues to photograph at including Cabin Bluff, Ocean Forest Golf Club, The Wilmington Island Club, The King and Prince Beach Resort, The Mackey House, Hyatt Regency Savannah, Dunham Farms, Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Mansion on Forsyth Park, and Telfair Museums.