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Same Sex Jewish Wedding Ceremony

A Same Sex Jewish Wedding Ceremony can follow many of the customs and rituals of the Jewish religion. In this picture from a Same Sex Jewish Wedding Ceremony, the two grooms embrace beneath the chuppah to share their first kiss as newlyweds. The chuppah is traditional for a Jewish wedding ceremony, and it symbolizes the home that the couple will build together in marriage. To the right of the couple, two friends belt out the words to a chosen wedding song, setting the tone of the moment for the newlyweds. This ceremony took place on a private estate in the late spring in Connecticut. The grooms decided to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, with guests seats in lawn chairs and old wooden pews that had been situated in the grass. As the two grooms happily experience the moment of this first kiss, their guests cheer and celebrate in their honor. Everyone who attended the wedding ceremony has become caught up in this joyful moment. The girls to the right of grooms who are singing, tip their heads back as beautiful sounds flow from their lips. The two girls both wear short white dresses and brown strappy heels, fitting in perfectly with the quaint garden scene of the nuptials. The grooms each wear a classic suit, but one wears a suit in charcoal gray while the other chose a suit in a cornflower blue color. In the right bottom corner of the image, the ring bearer and other children role about in the grass, showing off the carefree merriment of this truly magical wedding day.