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Singing Beach Club Wedding

A Singing Beach Club Wedding takes place in the small town of Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts. The town lies along the North Shore of the Massachusetts Bay, which in turn leads to the Atlantic Ocean. Singing Beach is only one mile from the center of town and is most popular during the summer months because it is easily accessible from Boston. The beach is named “Singing Beach” because the sand comprising the beach squeaks when walked upon. The couple in this picture surely experienced the song of the beach as they made their way along the shoreline. The scene surrounding the bride and groom is vaste. The sea and sky provide a neutral backdrop for them, a combination of gray, white, and pale shades of blue. They are alone, save for the water and the sand beneath their feet. The waves casually reach up the shore and the groom lifts the bride lovingly in his arms to keep the bottom of her dress from dragging in the salt-washed sand. The gesture is both endearing and playful, prompting laughter from the pair as the groom tries to be gentle in handling the bride’s gown. I took this Singing Beach Club Wedding photo from a distance, giving the couple space to be more natural with one another and to give the impression that they are alone on the beach. The resulting photograph is one that shows the love between the newlyweds and the epicly beautiful setting of beach they stand on.