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Studio 450 Wedding Pics

The Studio 450 Wedding Pics of this couple are filled with memories of love and celebration. Studio 450 is a prime location for a memorable New York City wedding. The venue is located high above the bustling streets of the city. It gives couples a space that allows them to relax into the moment of their day, while still being able to enjoy the sights of the city so many feel connected to. This particular couple danced the night away in their Studio 450 Wedding Pics, as lights of neighboring skyscrapers twinkle in the long stretch of windows. The couple clearly adores each other, and it is refreshing to witness the natural affection and joy of the moment the two are sharing. The two are a perfect fit, alike in some ways and complementing one another in their differences. The bride nuzzles her new husband, her face an image of peace and genuine happiness. Her hair is pulled back in a loose updo, and is adorned with purple flowers. Pearl earrings swirl from her ears, and while her dress is simple white chiffon, ruffles along the sleeves and down the back of the gown make it her own. The groom looks directly at the camera and holds his wife in joyful amazement. His expression is one of wonder and in that moment he looks as though he is the luckiest man in the world. Wedding guests mill about behind the couple, but they are living in this one moment together. The evening truly is for them and the magic that exudes from their relationship. This was a wedding that celebrated two people who really are meant to be.