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Top Wedding Photographers in New York

As one of the Top Wedding Photographers in New York I know that Studio 450 is an exceptional venue for any occasion. The Top Wedding Photographers in New York are able to capture images from a Studio 450 wedding that the bride and groom will be able to cherish for a lifetime. This picture from a Studio 450 wedding depicts the bride and groom joyfully embracing on the terrace of the Studio 450 penthouse. High above the streets of New York City, the bride and groom laugh and celebrate on this magical day. Skyscrapers rise up around them and the sun beams down on their happy figures, as the newlyweds enjoy this moment with one another, away from their guests. The bride was stunning in her white gown. The dress was simple, yet chic, with ruffled sleeves that ran into an open back. Her dark curly hair was pulled back in an elegant bun at the nape of her neck, showing off tiny pearl earrings that dangled from her ears. The groom wore a gray suit, with a light blue dress shirt and a red and white striped tie. The newlyweds were two people who are confident in what they want and in each other. The bride and groom are a couple who clearly are comfortable with one another and who truly enjoy one another’s company. This is not just a marriage of two people who are in love, but a marriage of best friends. The bride and groom had a blast taking these portraits together on the terrace of Studio 450. The resulting photographs showed the merriment that encompassed the day and the pure delight of the couple in their celebration.