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Vermont Barn Wedding

This Vermont Barn Wedding shows a groom as he prepares for the wedding ceremony in the Groom’s Cottage at the Riverside Farm. The Groom’s Cottage is one of seven spaces offered by the beautiful, working Vermont farm. The farm is a venue that offers a real Vermont farm experience with luxuries and elegance that will make the day a truly memorable and charming Vermont Barn Wedding. The Riverside Farm provides separate spaces for the bride and groom to get ready for their big day, the Groom’s Cottage and the Bride’s Cottage. These two renovated barns give the bride and groom places to get dressed and spend time with their bridal party before the festivities of the day begin. The Bride’s Cottage is an adorable structure with white trim and rusty red siding, while the Groom’s Cottage is an authentic wood cabin, perfect for the groom and his groomsmen. In the Groom’s Cottage, open windows look out on the farm’s fields and the forest areas that surround the cabin. Inside the cabin one can see authentic wood trim, beams, and stairs add to the charm of the space. The newly renovated building provides for anything the groom and his men may need as the done their suits. In this image the groom stands alone in the cabin, carefully putting on his tie. His gaze is steady as he concentrates on the task at hand. Sunlight streams in the windows behind him and bounces off the mirror, giving the image an incandescent glow. In a few moments the groom will walk out of the cabin into the afternoon sun, and begin the walk to his bride and his future. Vermont Barn wedding venues include The Inn At Round Barn Farm, The West Hill House, The Barn at Boyden Farm, Ferry Watch Inn, The 1824 House, Sleepy Hollow Inn, Isham Family Farm, Skinner Barn, The Mountain Top Inn and Resort, and The Barn at Lang Farm.