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Vermont Rustic Wedding

This Vermont Rustic Wedding took place at the picturesque Riverside Farm. The photograph shows an enchanting scene within the Stonewell Barn, one of the six renovated barns offered by Riverside Farm. The farm is an authentic Vermont farm that is perfect for a Vermont Rustic Wedding ceremony and reception. The venue provides couples with a space that combines country charm with stated elegance, creating a recipe for a perfectly enchanting wedding day. This image focuses on the details of a reception that make the event especially memorable. The dark weathered wood of the Stonewell Barn’s exterior and the renovated wooden interior compliment one another and make this a magical culmination of rustic grandeur. In the picture above, glass fixtures containing candles hang from the stained wood beams that hold up the barn’s ceiling. Inside each glass a tiny flame dances, ready for guests to join in the day’s celebration. Long tables are covered by white runners and silverware. On top of the tables also sit glass vases filled with flowers in shades of red, yellow, and orange. Extensive table settings such as this allow guests to feel closer to one another throughout the reception. In this setting every person in the room will be connected, joined by the love of this special day. On the side beams of the room lights glow above the scene like tiny suns, adding to character of this space and its romantic atmosphere. When the wedding guests finally enter, the room will vibrate with laughter, voices, music, and general merriment. It will be an evening that the bride and groom will remember for years to come, but for now the room is still and serene.