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Washington DC Wedding Photographer

As a Washington DC Wedding Photographer, there are a myriad of fantastic wedding venues to experience including Holiday Inn National Airport/Crystal City, The Willard InterContinental Washington D.C., Hidden Creek Country Club, the Melrose Georgetown Hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Decatur House on Lafayette Square, Long View Gallery, Grand Hyatt Washington, the Ritz-Carlton Washington D.C., and the Hay-Adams. A Washington DC Wedding Photographer is tasked with capturing all of the precious moments that make up an incredible wedding day. In this image from a Washington, DC wedding, the flower girl is sitting not-so-patiently outside of the church before the wedding ceremony. Behind her the red and brown brick walls of the church’s structure create a bold backdrop. The little girl sits in the sunlight, along the side of the building on a wooden bench and she attempts to stay still until the ceremony begins. She has a big job today, and has been an angel all morning; she got her blonde hair curled and styled with a headband covered by flowers in varying shades of pink, she has kept her silk dress nice, and has listened to all of the bridesmaids when they gave her instructions. Now, she is ready to get going, and to get this wedding celebration started. The photo captures the flower girl making a funny face, trying to touch her own nose with her lips. It is a silly moment, showing the little girl entertaining herself as she awaits her time to walk down the aisle.