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Waveny House Wedding Photographers

Waveny House Wedding Photographers experience occasions in a beautiful Tudor mansion that was constructed in 1912. The Waveny House consists of a grand hall, library, sitting room, dining room, breakfast room, billiard room, a patio overlooking the grounds, and a complete commercial kitchen. The ground of the estate are immaculate, with lovely gardens spread about the property, ideal for Waveny House Wedding Photographers. In this black and white image from a Waveny House wedding the bride is descending from the bridal suit to join the party at the reception. The stairs are covered by an elegant rug, with an intricate floral design playing over its surface. Her gown is magnificent, with a skirt the cascades from her voice in layers of tulle. The skirt of the bride’s wedding gown flows behind her as she carefully steps down the stairs. The walls and floors of the room she is entering are lined with wood panelling, giving the space an elegant “old world” ambiance. The bride lightly touches the banister for balance, her hand covered by a sheer lace glove. She looks almost like a princess walking through her castle on this enchanting, special day. When the bride makes it to the first floor, she will make her way to the reception area, where she will join her new husband. The pair will enter the space, filled with their family and friends, and begin the celebrations of the evening. This will be a Waveny House wedding event that will be remembered for years to come, especially by the bride and her groom.