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Wedding Photographer in Hudson Valley

A Wedding Photographer in Hudson Valley can take photos at a number of exceptional locations, including the Historic Thayer Hotel at West Point, Crowne Plaza White Plains, Brynwood Golf and Country Club, and Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa. Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa is one of the best venues to experience as a Wedding Photographer in Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley is a scenic and historic area of New York State that comprises the land along the Hudson River. Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa is an exquisite venue in this area, with picturesque views and charming accommodations that will make any wedding day a memorable occasion. In this black and white picture from a Buttermilk Falls wedding, the bride and groom share their first dance as newlyweds at their wedding reception. The wedding reception pictured took place under a large event tent, with open sides that allowed guests to take in the natural beauty of their surroundings as they enjoyed the wedding celebrations. Guests surround the couple as they sway at the center of the dance floor, with the notes of their chosen song floating through the space beneath the tent. The scene is still light, from the sun, the lights strung along the tent’s ceiling, and from the radiance of the bride herself. As the groom holds her, the bride appears that she might burst from the copious amounts of joy that run through her in this moment. At the camera flash, she had just turned excitedly toward a guest who had exclaimed a desire to take the couple’s picture. It was a moment that all in attendance wanted to capture, as a token of the love that permeated this day.