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Wedding Photographers in Orange County

Wedding Photographers in Orange County will find that a celebration at Arrow Park Lake and Lodge is one of the finest in New York State. Arrow Park Lake and Lodge is a private estate in New York that offers a grand, century-old mansion with magnificent views of Arrow Park Lake and a natural wooded setting. The venue boasts its “old world” atmosphere, with charming, elegant accommodations that have been updated with modern amenities. Wedding Photographers in Orange County are lucky if they have the opportunity to take pictures at this lovely location. In this image from an Arrow Park wedding event, guests are gathered on the dance floor at the wedding reception in the venue’s Dance Pavilion. The Arrow Park Reception and Dance Hall is a wonderful place for any celebration. The pavilion allows for up to 240 guests, with incredible adjacent gardens and outdoor areas. Most of all, the pavilion is perfect for dancing the night away, as the guests pictured are doing wholeheartedly. At the center if the image, one of the groomsmen leaps into the air, surrounded by a circle of other guests. The groomsman’s expression is one of sheer joy, surprise, and excitement. He wears light, tan suit pants, with a white dress shirt, pale gray tie, and a light tan vest. His suit jacket was long ago discarded, and his shirt has come untucked from his dress pants. This groomsman is living fully in the moment of this party, as he and the guests around him embody the exhilaration of the day in this pure expression of merriment.