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Hudson Valley New York and CT Wedding Photographer

My name is Andrew Henderson and I am a Hudson Valley New York and CT wedding photographer specializing in documentary wedding photography.  

Best Wedding Photographers in Hudson Valley New York

If you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Hudson Valley New York, I hope you will consider Andrew Henderson Photography. This gallery of wedding photography shows examples of all the weddings I have been able to photograph over the past five years.   There are weddings from Hudson Valley New York to Vermont to California to Connecticut.  The pictures include everything about the wedding day from getting ready to a gorgeous moment filled first looks to the unforgettable ceremonies and parties that rocked the night away along with all the details that accompany the day to show you my unique vision while photographing. The weddings I have featured are from Connecticut, New York, Newport, Vermont, Charleston, Lake Tahoe, Boston, Rhode Island, and Florida.  I have been photographing as a documentary photographer for 15 years and take the same approach photographing wedding.  I am there to document the day as it unfolds.  You get a sense of that while looking through my portfolio.  It doesn’t matter the conditions, rain, sun, or snow I am there to capture the essence of one of the best days of your life and in a creative way.   There are a huge variety of images in the gallery so you see how I make pictures. I anticipate moments and emotions while photographing.  This comes from years of listening while photographing.  It sets me apart from other photographers.  I look for light and color while photographing. Throughout my career I have worked in every condition possible and am not scared to get dirty while making a great picture.  The day isn’t complete until I am dirty.  It has come to mean I have made great and memorable pictures.  Brides often laugh after the day at everything I did to make pictures.  I put up such a large gallery because I want you to see my versatility as a photographer.  Go through all the galleries to see all the different weddings I have been a part of.  If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Hudson Valley New York, Westchester or Fairfield County then look no further.  The pictures in the gallery were made in every condition imaginable. At the end of the day the camera is an extension of me, a sixth sense in many ways. I want you to relive the day.  I believe natural occurring moments between friends and family lead to the most captivating photographs.  Through these moments I will tell your story as you celebrate the next chapter in your relationship and life.  People look their best when they are at ease, and spending time with you before the celebration enables me to get to know the two of you and your unique dynamic. It also helps you to forget about me during the wedding weekend.  Sixty years from now I hope that future generations of your family will feel the joy and excitement of the celebration through the portfolio of photographs.  I look for moments where the human spirit is revealed, capturing the range of emotions that play out on this important day in your family’s history.   By documenting the events and not directing them, the photographs I see and shoot during your celebration will reflect your unique experiences.  My role is to capture and preserve the range of emotions during the first day in your married life and show you what you could not see during the wedding.  

Best Wedding Photographers in Connecticut

If you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Connecticut, I hope you will consider Andrew Henderson Photography. As a wedding photographer I have been able to see beautiful customs and traditions from photographing a Hindu wedding in India to an Orthodox Jewish one in New York.  I take my job seriously and am thankful to be a part of your day.  Now I’d like to tell your story. Your wedding is an historic, one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime event. It is as important to you, your loved ones and to me as any world headline. Love matters. The way your story is told matters. As your photographer, my goal is to capture the true character and emotions of you, your family and friends. By getting to know you before the wedding day I will ensure you are at ease with the camera and that your personality and spirit shine through the images. Whether you’re planning a barefoot event on a faraway beach or a black tie gala in the city, I look forward to hearing more about your plans, and even more importantly, you.  My passion as a photographer is telling stories.