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West Hartford Wedding Photographer

A West Hartford Wedding Photographer is able to take the small, intimate moments of a wedding day and will use them to create incredibly special memories. The photographs that are taken by a West Hartford Wedding Photographer as the bride and groom prepare for the big day are especially wonderful to have as keepsakes. This photo of a bride is set in the backyard of her childhood home in West Hartford, Connecticut. The backyard is blooming under the attention of the spring sun. Behind the bride pink flowers reach toward the sky and green flora sprout from the earth. To bride’s right, a white gazebo sits amidst the family’s garden. The gazebo and the orange and white furniture that decorates it give the picture a charming touch. It is a space that one could imagine the parents of the bride relaxing in as a much younger bride plays in the green lawn with her faithful puppy. Now, the bride is a grown woman who will soon be watching her own children play in the sunlit. In the middle of the lawn the bride plays with her best friend, her dog. The lab sniffs at the bride, wondering at the scents of hairspray and makeup. The bride is almost ready to put on her wedding gown. Her hair is done, makeup set, and she stands in her yard wearing a pink and white flowered robe and her nude colored high heels. Soon she will leave the place where she grew up, and begin a new chapter of her life with her awaiting groom.