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West Hartford Wedding Photographers

West Hartford Wedding Photographers are able to capture images at a variety of locations, some of the best being at the home of the bride or groom. As one of the premier West Hartford Wedding Photographers in the area, I knew that it was essential to take pictures of every memory that may hold value for the bride when I was at her home before the wedding ceremony. This picture, taken inside the childhood home of the bride, shows her ready for her wedding day. The bride holds hands with her sister in a room of their parent’s home, smiling excitedly at one another. The two girls have enjoyed the morning together, sharing moments that only sisters can share. They have been primped and made ready for the events to come. Their hair has been done, makeup perfected, and their dresses are on. The bride’s sister, her maid of honor, wears a beautiful black gown. The dress is made of chiffon, with a sheer black layer over it. The bride stands before her in a white, satin bridal gown, looking like a princess from a storybook. The morning has been a time just for the sisters, filled with moments of silliness and love. The bride’s sister was her first friend, her first playmate and confidant. Now they stand together as grown woman who grown up to make their parents exceptionally proud. Soon, one of the sisters will leave this house and make her way to the church, where she will forever become a wife to the man she loves.