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Westchester Same Sex Wedding

A Westchester Same Sex Wedding is a special experience for all who attend. At the Westchester Same Sex Wedding pictured, guests stand enthralled as they watch the couple share their first dance together as newlyweds. The first dance newlyweds experience as a married couple is a tender moment for all who witness the occasion. In this image, guests watch affectionately as the couple sway on the dance floor as music fills the room. The picture has a golden glow as a result of the lighting in the space and colors worn by the guests pictured. In the right of the photo, one guest leans against her date as the pair observe the moment before them. The guest has her arms casually draped around her date, and her head rests on his shoulder. She wears a black dress with a yellow gold ribbon tied about her waist. Her date stands tall, supporting her tired head as they take this moment to be quiet and simply enjoy the day as it progresses. He wears a black suit, with a yellow gold tie that perfectly matches that ribbon on the dress of the woman beside him. Behind and this pair, other guests stand in assorted attire. Some formal, and some more casual. In the left of the image, a woman who is on the more formal end of that spectrum look out at the dance floor with eyes full of pride and love. She carefully holds a drink in her hand, but has forgotten it as she watches her dear friends celebrate their magical day. She wears a gold dress that is adorned with small gems, and exquisite jewelry to match. Each wedding guest here is witness to a love that was truly meant to be.