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Yale Wedding

A Yale Wedding is set in a location that boosts one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Yale University traces its roots to the 1640s, and was officially founded as a college in 1701. Yale in located in the beautiful Connecticut city of New Haven, with a number of venues for hosting events, including wedding celebrations. A Yale Wedding can be held in a number of charming event spaces, however, the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale is one of the most sought after. The Omni Hotel is renowned for its service, New England charm, and modern luxuries. The venue is located in downtown New Haven, a few feet away from the historic Yale campus. This black and white image from a Yale University wedding at the Omni shows guests moving from the cocktail hour to the reception. Some guests still sit and chat in the background, but the majority are making their way into the ballroom to begin the night’s festivities. Among the guests waiting to enter the room are a father and his small daughter. Those waiting in line look ahead intently, serious expressions on their faces. In contrast, the little girl is a silly, bright spot in the image. A ceiling light above shine down directly on the child, and almost as if she takes it as a stage cue, she strikes a merry pose. The little girl grabs her shoe and lifts it up behind her, looking as though she is a tiny ballerina. Instead she is merely inspecting the way her glitter covered shoes sparkle under the light. The child is a symbol of the pure joy and delight provided by this very special wedding day.