Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden set the perfect mood for this chic late fall affair. From the first look, to the evening portraits, the romance between these two was palpable. The bride wore a sleek lace gown, while the groom was dapper in a dark charcoal suit. Situated in central Brooklyn, the gardens have the feeling of being miles away from the city. From the Lily Pool Terrace to the Fragrance Garden, I scouted out the best backdrops, and captured these timeless looks. Red brick paths and ornate terraces lent classical elements, while the curated foliage gave a more natural, almost rustic look. This photo of a recent Brooklyn Botanical Garden wedding I photographed is one of my favorites, for the perfect symmetry of the reflection.

In the Fragrance Garden, the arching boughs of the topiaries bend over the couple as if to issue a blessing on the newlyweds. The Lily Pool Terrace remains serene while the surrounding cherry trees rustle in the breeze. There are just so many perfect moments waiting to embrace couples here. And your guests will feel just as welcomed as they meander through the paths and explore.

I love photos that feature the bride and groom engaging with each other. These pictures always have more energy than static, posed photos. To see these two gazing at each other with such joy was a true highlight of the day. And I love the way action photos showcase beautiful gowns. Your wedding dress is an investment in looking and feeling amazing on your wedding day. You choose it because of how it makes you feel, and how it looks from every angle. I’ll take photos that truly capture its beauty before it’s packed away as an heirloom.

Throughout the day of this Brooklyn Botanical Garden wedding slightly overcast skies gave us the ideal lighting for showcasing the couple and their guests without any harsh glare. The cool, crisp, air felt festive, but dancing kept the guests warm as the evening deepened.

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