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Brooklyn wedding photographers understand how much stress you go through when preparing for your wedding. The venue needs to be just right, the décor and theme need to capture the mood you want perfectly. The food and drinks and entertainment need to keep the guests hooked. But what about the wedding invitations?

If you decide to make your own wedding invitations, you might not know where to start. However, if you plan everything just right, the stationery will be perfect, and what’s more, it will be bespoke. It will be a testament to your creativity as a couple. Here are some steps to making amazing wedding invitations.

The Design Phase

You need to gather lots of ideas for your invitation cards when you’re starting out. Remember, the invitations will give your guests their very first impression of what to expect when they attend your wedding. It’s a great idea to go through some online wedding magazines and catalogues to see what ideas are already out there. You can even order some samples to see what they look like up close. Keeping an idea board will help you to keep everything organized so you can find common threads and see how elements tie up together.

Don’t Forget to Budget

You should start thinking about the budget for your invitation cards early on. There’s no point in coming up with the perfect design for your invitation cards and then realize at the last moment that you simply can’t afford them.

Once you have the right design, you should try to plan your cards to fit your budget. One of the ways you can do this is to avoid ordering too many cards. You only need to send one card per family, after all.

Work on the Actual Invitation First

There is a slew of different card styles out there. Depending on your budget, you could go as crazy as you want. If you are on a tight budget and want to include only some basic information, a flat card should do just fine. If you have loads of extra information to insert, then you could go for a wallet design.

The card itself should have a neutral color. Any extra color can be added through the print, or the embellishments. Don’t forget about the actual texture of the card as well, as this can help to give the invitation a certain feel.

The Decoration

The decorations give you the opportunity to be extra creative. You can use decorative papers for the strips, panels, and wraps in order to add some of your signature color to the card. There are a ton of styles for embellishments to choose from, so go for whatever works for you. Don’t forget to keep everything faithful to the theme you have in mind for your wedding. A beach wedding should be apparent right from the design of the invitation cards.


Your inserts should follow the theme of the rest of your card and have a font that matches the overall style of the card. Don’t forget that some fonts can be super hard to read. So while you may want to choose a font that gets the mood right, you should also be careful not to obscure the message because of a bad font.

You should also be keen on the exact wording on the invitation card. The wording can be serious, playful, casual or formal. It all depends on the theme of the wedding and the mood you want to inspire in the reader.

Make the Cards

Once you’ve settled on the right design, you can make a bulk order. If you’ve got everything right with the sample and worked closely with the card printer, reproducing the sample in bulk shouldn’t be a big deal. Don’t forget to order just enough cards that you stay within your budget.

If you end up not being able to design a good card, you can opt for DIY kits offered by some card makers. They allow you to choose from a variety of alternative designs and build up a card for yourself with plenty of help along the way. The cards will still be bespoke, since the combination of styles will have been chosen by you. However, you won’t have to deal with the headache of starting from scratch.

The Brooklyn Atrium

Brooklyn Wedding Photographers thoroughly enjoy taking pictures at a Brooklyn Winery wedding event. This photo from a wedding at the rustically chic venue, shows off the table settings at a reception. The room most used for receptions at the Brooklyn Winery is the Atrium. This space is perfect for a Brooklyn wedding and a lovely setting for Brooklyn Wedding Photographers.

The Atrium is most known for its glass ceiling. During the day this glass ceiling provides natural lighting for a ceremony or reception at the winery. Sunlight can beam into the room, giving any wedding celebration a beautiful warm glow. At night, the ceiling provides guests with front row seats to twinkling New York City lights and a brilliant evening sky. There is nothing like looking up during a wedding reception and seeing millions of stars scattered across the sky, winking down at you.

The walls of the Atrium are lined with large windows and hanging succulent plants. This flora gives the room a more natural ambiance, even while being set in the midst of a large, busy city. This picture shows a part of the succulent wall garden in the background, with the long picnic-like table stretching into the forefront of the image. The table settings are meant to be both charming and elegant. The long tables give the wedding reception a more inclusive feel, with guests seated close together and not separated by multiple tables. This creates an atmosphere that encourages lively conversation and allows all guests to feel that they are included in this magical day.

The wooden tables are pristine, with settings awaiting guests to enter the room. Pink, white and red flowers adorn the tables as well, adding a pop of color to the neutral tones of the scene. In just a few moments, guests will begin to enter the space, and the celebrations will be in full swing.

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