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Event Spaces in Brooklyn

Event spaces in Brooklyn are in high demand, and can book pretty far in advance. But there are also plenty of hidden gems among the more popular venues. No matter your style or budget, there’s an event space in Brooklyn that fits your needs, and I’ve had the privilege to photograph fantastic events at many of them. Some of my favorite elements to seek in an event space include:

  • ·         Great natural light

A lot of spaces in the city are a bit on the snug side, and they tend to have modern, dark interiors. While this makes for an intimate experience, the addition of generous natural light is a huge blessing. Even if the majority of your event is taking place after sunset, having natural light gives your guests a great first impression. And from a photographer’s perspective, it allows for fantastic photos. Gorgeous photos of you, as well as great photos of all the small details you’ve invested time and planning in – your florals, cake, dishes, signs, etc.

  • ·         Texture

One of the most fun surprises in older Brooklyn venues is the textures in the interior finishes. Exposed brick is one of the most obvious, but there are plenty of other great architectural elements that add texture too. Stone, and other masonry. Whether full brick walls, floors, or chimneys, fireplaces, and smaller elements brick and stone add a ton of character to any space. It makes for a great photo backdrop, and elevates the venue from a plain box, to an interesting space.

  • ·         Unique Light Fixtures

Usually these are new additions instead of original elements, but either way, keep an eye out for cool light fixtures. They add character and personality to your space, so keep that in mind when planning your event décor.

  • ·         Furniture

Some venues are completely empty, but others have custom tables, built-in benches, or the venue’s own chairs that you can incorporate. Not only does this save on the cost of extra rentals, but these existing furniture pieces can add a sense of unique place and time that don’t come with generic rented furniture.

There are plenty of event spaces in Brooklyn that have all these great features and more. Some of my favorite venues in the borough include Berg’n for an indoor, industrial venue, and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for an elegant garden setting.

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