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Farm Wedding CT

Farm weddings are unique in that they have a sense of being far removed from ordinary life, and also a sense of coming home. Home to the farm…perhaps that rural sensibility is deeply rooted in all Americans… that sense that in ages past our families were all farmers, and that somewhere deep within ourselves, we too, are farmers of some sort.

But regardless of that philosophizing, farm weddings are incredibly photogenic – they make my job a breeze – there is natural light and greenery in abundance. And guests and couples alike seem more relaxed from the moment their tires crunch on the gravel driveway. And farm weddings in CT are becoming more and more popular. I’m sure I’ll have a post on specific farm venues in CT soon.

A few tips for having a farm wedding in CT:

  • Beware of the shoe situation. Brides – stilettos are gorgeous but not at all practical for walking on uneven ground. Farms are rarely as manicured and even as say, a golf course, so do consider that when choosing your footwear.
  • Plan some time for portraits during the “golden hour”. Late afternoon like is the best, most flattering light, so I always try to capture my couples during the golden hour, but this is even more important in wide-open outdoor spaces where the glare of the sun can be overpowering. Plus, farms tend to have beautiful sunsets that I love capturing whenever possible.
  • Plan for the wind. Experienced event planners know that even the slightest, most pleasant breeze can wreak havoc on outdoor events. Carefully folded programs blow across the lawn, a bride’s veil won’t stay out of her face, bridesmaids’ skirts get caught up, carefully coiffed hair goes straight… this doesn’t mean you cannot have a perfect outdoor wedding, it just means taking a few extra precautions – like making sure all papers have paperweights, and keeping hairspray handy.

Considering these elements will ensure a perfect Farm wedding in CT.

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