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I have worked for many years as a Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Photographer. In that time, I have gained a lot of experiencing helping many different couples to capture their love in a single eternal moment.

Not many people fully understand the significance of having a wedding photographer at present on your special day. Since the advent of cameras, this profession has been key to the ability of couples to preserve the memories of the special moment when they embarked on their lifelong journey of love.

Of course, the focus of this magnificent day is the love shared between the couple. Undoubtedly, it will be the focus of each page. However, the beauty and magical essence of the photos will be greatly enhanced by choosing the right location. Not only will the right background give the photo that x-factor it needs, it will also dictate the mood that the couple wants their photos to be imbued with.

Martha’s Vineyard: A Dream Location

Martha’s Vineyard is a picturesque island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, known for being an affluent summer colony. At 100 square miles, it is the 58th largest island in the United States and the third largest on the East Coast. The island can be reached by ferry boat or plane, and has a relatively small year-round population. Most are attracted to Martha’s Vineyard in the warmer months, the likes of high-profile residents, movie stars, politicians, writers, and artists are among those who frequent the island.

Martha’s Vineyard features a lot of beautiful locations where breathtaking photos can easily be taken. The natural scenery combined with the centuries-old monuments present perfect backdrops to photos, generating a nostalgic mood in every photo.

In my time as a Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Photographer, I have been able to interact with numerous venues across this dainty island and taken stunning photos at each one. I always strive to capture the classic and fairy-tale vibe that’s present everywhere in the air around Martha’s Vineyard. It is this fairy-tale vibe that makes Martha’s Vineyard such a great choice for wedding destinations.

Some of these fantastic Martha’s Vineyard wedding venues include:

The Allen Farm represents centuries of history and is as integral a part of Martha’s Vineyard as any other. The old farmhouse built back in 1762 still stands today and offers an old and dignified background to any photos. The farm itself covers approximately 100 acres with the only thing separating it from the ocean beyond being the south shore’s barrier beach and the Chilmark Pond.

This beautiful house built in the 1890s is listed in the National Register of Historic places and is the first house ever to be built by a member of the Vanderhoop family, a prominent local family. With its imposing figure and muted colors, the Vanderhoop homestead is certain to imbue a sense of power and opulence to any photograph.

The Stoney Hill Road House is a private residence that is rented out in June and September for DIY weddings. It features fabulous views, a large estate, a boat barn where you can hold your reception, play music, and serve food and drinks to your guests, and great interiors featuring elaborate woodwork. For anyone who wants a rustic feel to their wedding photos, this is the perfect place.

This fantastic venue is also the site of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural fair and offers great backdrops that make for incredible wedding photos. You will definitely make many memories here that will leave you smiling as you look at the photos for many years to come.

This isn’t your typical rich boy yacht club. The beautiful beach house has many intricate designs on the inside and the house feels a lot more modern and artistic than you might expect from the clubhouse to a yacht club. The interiors are great for classic wedding photos with a colorful feel to them.

The Wedding in the Church

The Church was chosen to be the background of the wedding photo because the couple thought this would be the perfect background to capture the essence of the sanctity of their marriage.

This particular photo was of a girl with curled blonde hair standing in the Church just before the ceremony begins. You can easily see the look of expectation, pride, and anxiety on her face as she contemplates the big day ahead of her. She is going to be a flower girl at the wedding and you can see from the look on her face that she is eager to do her job well.

The girl is in a beautiful nautical dress with pastel colors that match the feel of the island. The Church’s interior behind her, not to be left behind, does its best to complement her mood and that of the island, all at the same time. The little girl is mesmerized by the hubbub around her and absorbs all the sights and sounds in the Church as if she were a sponge.

Behind the girl, the Church continues to move with the guests, their constant milling almost giving life to the normally muted colors of the Church’s interior. From the woodwork in the ceiling to the grooves in the walls, the Church exudes a certain air, as if it takes its purpose very seriously and is ready to bless every marriage that takes place in its hallowed walls.

The Church itself is prim and pristine. Its floors are covered in pale gray tiles that glisten in the lithely dancing light streaming in from the windows above. The pews are a pure white and are lined with wood. The guests themselves add another layer of color as they sit in rows, chatting with loved ones and wearing inexhaustible smiles on their faces. An air of expectancy feels the air, tangible even in the photograph, as they anxiously await the arrival of the bride and the festivities to come.

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