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The state of New Hampshire is small and not very populous, but what it lacks in area and population it more than makes up for in beauty. I don’t regret being a New Hampshire Wedding Photographer for my entire career. With some of the best scenery during the different seasons, and Mount Washington looking benevolently over the state, this state is a great place to do photography.

While New Hampshire certainly holds a certain allure for photographers, this article isn’t about all the things me and my kind could do here and all the benefits that would accrue. This post is for love birds and how they should absolutely think of nowhere else to their wedding, particularly if they want a distinctly north-eastern American wedding.

New Hampshire has a slew of venues for weddings and other large events, with wonderful scenery that offer picturesque backgrounds for your wedding photographs. If you want to capture the fire burning in your hearts, nothing will beat the fiery colors on the vegetation in autumn. If you want to show how pure your emotions for each other are, you will love the white of winter. Below you’ll find some great wedding venues in New Hampshire.

  1. Rivermill at Dover Landing

Rivermill’s website proudly proclaims that they are a “great place to marry”. You won’t doubt it for a minute once you pay a visit to their grounds. They capture the air of an 1800’s elite establishment perfectly. The architecture is exquisite, with bricks and beams meeting over arches that overlook the Henry Law Park and with views of the Cochecho River. The City Hall Clock Tower, magnificent and tall, can also be seen from the windows of the Rivermill.

The management at Rivermill will help you every step of the way as you plan the wedding. From the seating plan, to the décor, to the entertainment and food, you will never walk alone. They can offer you their own services or recommend some of their affiliates, particularly in the food and entertainment sectors, but they also allow you to bring your own caterers and entertainment crew. The many spots all over the establishment are just waiting for you to take advantage of them to take great pictures. Your photographer will definitely appreciate all the opportunities to be creative.

  1. Red Jacket Mountain View Resort

Somewhere in North Conway, nestled well within the White Mountain Range, with beautiful grounds and a bird’s eye view of the surrounding lands, lies the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort. This beautiful resort offers view of the Cathedral and White Horse Ledges as well as the Saco River Valley stretching beneath the mountain range. The indoors offer a range of great halls, each with its own capacity. The Hampshire Hall can hold between 180 and 220 guests, depending on whether you’re holding a buffet or a seated dinner and has plenty of space for dancing and a mingling. It even includes a small bar. The Champney’s Dining Room can accommodate up to 225 guests for dinner and offers you the opportunity to divide the space up into separate room.

The views from Valley View are simply breathtaking and will look perfect behind you and your groom as you hold each other in a romantic lock for your wedding photo. The room opens out onto the Valley View Deck that brings you even closer to the panoramic view of the White Mountain Range. Whether you’re looking for a formal black tie wedding or a laid back gathering, this gem in New Hampshire probably has what you’re looking for and much much more.

  1. Whitney’s Inn at Jackson

Whitney’s Inn has been around for more than one and a half centuries now, having first been established in 1842. This beautiful wedding reception venue is set in 12 acres of lush land, every square inch of which is available to you and your guests to turn into a magical place for your wedding.

Whitney’s Inn was once part of the Moody Farm and was a working barn up until sometime in the ‘70s. It definitely still has that rustic farm feel to it and can add just the right vibe to your wedding and the photos to make people ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ endlessly. With just the right décor and the right kind of lighting, the strong wooden beams and planks in this barn can come to life and make for a merry wedding venue.

From the signage with casual fonts, to the statues, to the whimsical names of the various venues, such as “The Shovel Handle”, this wedding venue is bound to capture your heart. It will also provide some excellent backgrounds for your wedding photos and have you smiling as you look at them many years hence.

Other notable venues that I can personally vouch for in New Hampshire include the following:

A Symbol of the Know of Love

New Hampshire is defined by its quaint towns and expanses of breathtaking wilderness. With all the beauty that surrounds a New Hampshire Wedding Photographer, it is essential to also take pictures of the small details that make a wedding truly special for each unique bride and groom.

This image details the bride’s engagement ring, and was taken as she prepared for her big day. The bride and her maids spent most of the morning having their hair and makeup done so that they would feel picture-perfect for the celebrations. As the ladies got ready, I took pictures of the little details, like this ring. The engagement ring and wedding rings are a piece of a wedding that often do not get a lot of attention in pictures. According to a tradition that is believed to date back to the Romans, a wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand because it was thought that there was a vein in that finger that connected directly to the heart.

The ring is a symbol of the love and pure devotion shared by the bride and groom. It is a small symbol, with immeasurable meaning. This close up of the bride’s ring highlights the sparkle and geometric shapes of the center diamond. The yellow gold of the band shines, and its reflection can be seen in the glass top of the table it sits on.  The ring glows as sunlight from a nearby window brushes over it, ready for the bride to slip it back on her finger to meet her love in marriage.

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