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NYC Rooftop Wedding

Studio 450 provides an incredible location for a NYC Rooftop Wedding. Studio 450 is a New York City Loft Event Space, located in midtown Manhattan. The venue is comprised of a penthouse duplex and a rooftop terrace. The terrace and the expansive windows of the penthouse offer couples and their guests breath-taking views of the New York City skyline.

The view from the venue makes Studio 450 a prime spot for a NYC Rooftop Wedding. Guests will not only be able to eat delicious food, talk with friends, and dance the night away; they will be able to take in the sights of the “city that never sleeps”. High above the city streets, wedding attendees can enjoy Manhattan apart from the hustle and bustle that is so connected to New York. The guests pictured above are clearing enjoying themselves at this Studio 450 wedding.

Blurry images of dancing wedding attendees fill the background of the image. The picture focuses on one guest, who is watching the bride and groom celebrate together with a huge smile on his honest face. The smile is one that reaches the man’s eyes and shines out into the space around him. The atmosphere of the reception has become casual at this point in the evening, with women kicking off their high heels and men discarding their suit jackets. The guest in this photo has even undone the top button of his blue and white checkered dress shirt and he has loosened his tie. This frozen moment is one that is symbolic of the vibrancy that characterized this entire wedding day. Everyone from grandparents to flower girls ended the evening with smiles that radiated just as the one pictured does.

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