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Red Maple Vineyard Wedding

Not just a vineyard, Red Maple is a 143 acre property with acres of vegetables and fruit growing as well as chickens and pigs. Jus sixty miles from the city, the vineyard overlooks the Hudson River. Aptly named, maple trees flourish here, making it especially beautiful during the fall. Red Maple Vineyard weddings are gorgeous, and the owners have made every effort to host weddings with elegance and ease.

The main building is a renovated cow barn originally built in the early 1800’s. From the outside, it’s red roof provides a pop of festive color, while the refinished wooden sides are uniquely pretty for barn siding. When you step inside you’re transported into the most cozily decorated barn I’ve ever seen. A grand piano is set in front of the windows. While wine racks display hundreds of bottles of fine reds and whites. Custom chandeliers hang over small café tables, while stained glass windows illuminate the balcony. The barn includes a bridal suite.

Outside on the lawn an amazing permanent tent is set up. This is no ordinary tent, either. A faux wood floor makes it perfect for dancing. It has heating and cooling systems, and up lighting built in. The center poles are 28ft high, ensuring a lovely open feel. A stone wall along one side keeps the rustic farm feel.

An adjacent brick patio with pergola overhead adds another lounge seating area, perfect for guests to mingle during the cocktail hour. The property has been expertly landscaped. Photo opportunities (you know I’m always looking for those!) abound. From the colonial-style kitchen garden, to the lawn, to the hillside overlooking the river, there are plenty of places to take stunning wedding portraits. If you are looking for a farm setting and love wine, consider having a Red Maple Vineyard Wedding. 

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