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Washington DC holds one reputation as being the political center of the United States of America, but it also holds another, less well known reputation: It is a romantic paradise as well. This beautiful city offers plenty of wedding venues where couples can hold their weddings and capture some of that alluring Washington DC magic for themselves.

I’ve been a Washington DC Wedding Photographer for over a decade now and I don’t regret a minute of it. I wouldn’t want to practice my profession anywhere else. With lots of beautiful scenery and spots, it offers me endless possibilities. My love, however, has always been wedding photography. There’s something about being there when a couple embarks on their life long journey of love that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

There are lots of great wedding venues in Washington DC, each better than the last. Whether you’re looking to have a quiet and intimate affair or want a grand wedding with all the bells and whistles, you’ll definitely find something for you. I have had the privilege of visiting quite a number of them and even taking photographs there during weddings. Below you’ll find my favorites to give you an idea of what to expect when you decide to host your wedding in this beautiful city.

  1. The Willard Intercontinental

The Willard Continental is as much a part of DC as any other venue in this city. It was established in 1818 and has had a rich and diverse history since. It has hosted some notable personalities, including nearly every US president to hold office after Franklin Pierce, Charles Dickens of Oliver Twist fame, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Whether you’re in the Grand Ballroom or the Willard Room, you won’t be able to help the feeling of all the history around you filling up the air. The mahogany walls in the Willard Room certainly give it a somber and sophisticated atmosphere while the delicate murals in the Grand Ballroom are reminiscent of the gentle art of the period. The Red Door Spa is excellent for a massage or a pedicure before your wedding while also offering a great background for your wedding pictures.

The Willard Intercontinental isn’t an island in its magnificence; it is a mere walking distance from the White House, the Smithsonian Museums, the National Theater, and other major attractions around Washington DC, offering great views of the major landmarks of the surrounding city. Your pictures will have as much history written into them as the Willard and you won’t regret looking at them many years later.

  1. Hidden Creek Country Club

One mile from the Reston Town Center, a hidden jewel sits. The Hidden Creek is fondly called the ”Hidden Jewel of Reston” for a reason. This beautiful venue is surrounded by exquisite golf courses and landscapes all round and offers great views of the surrounding scenery for visitors.

The natural environment at the Hidden Creek Country Club will be excellent as your background as you exchange vows and revel in your special day with your significant other and guests. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor venues and both indoor and outdoor venues can hold a maximum of 200 guests, giving you the opportunity to have a wedding as grand as you would like.

The deck is well covered and the fire pit is always ready for a cozy fire to give you and your guests a warm evening as you enjoy your cocktails. The atmosphere is very intimate, allowing everyone to feel a special closeness to each other no matter how many people are in attendance. The views near the fire are nothing short of picturesque and the Fairway Ballroom offers a great indoor option when you get tired of staying outside too long. The vibe at the Hidden Creek Country Club is certainly elegant and it beams out at you at every opportunity. Your wedding photos will certainly benefit from this vibe and the lighting will give them a certain sheen you’ll be hard put to find elsewhere.

  1. The Long View Gallery

The Long View Gallery is actually a relatively young venue. It was established as recently as 2006 as a gallery dedicated to the exhibition of art work by local artists. More than ten years later, it has evolved to include art from international artists as well. When it started out it was only 1000 square feet. It is now 8500 square feet. This premiere space features fine art and is the perfect venue for a chic wedding.

Holding your wedding in this beautiful venue is bound to add a dash of art to your special day. With a little lighting and décor added to the white walls and the glass doors, this modern looking space can turn into a magical scene out of a fairytale.

The space is certainly large enough to fit all of your guests and make for a wonderful wedding reception or rehearsal. The photos will definitely look beautiful provided you get a photographer who knows how to capture the personality of this venue and weave it into your photos.

Other notable venues in and around wedding venues include the following:

Angel in the Sunlight

A Washington DC Wedding Photographer is tasked with capturing all of the precious moments that make up an incredible wedding day. In this image from a Washington DC wedding, the flower girl is sitting not-so-patiently outside of the church before the wedding ceremony. Behind her the red and brown brick walls of the church’s structure create a bold backdrop.

The little girl sits in the sunlight, along the side of the building on a wooden bench and she attempts to stay still until the ceremony begins. She has a big job today, and has been an angel all morning; she got her blonde hair curled and styled with a headband covered by flowers in varying shades of pink, she has kept her silk dress nice, and has listened to all of the bridesmaids when they gave her instructions. Now, she is ready to get going, and to get this wedding celebration started.

The photo captures the flower girl making a funny face, trying to touch her own nose with her lips. It is a silly moment, showing the little girl entertaining herself as she awaits her time to walk down the aisle.

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