Winter Wonderland Wedding
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Winter Wonderland Wedding

This sky was a total gift – a watercolor of winter pastels. By contrast, the bared branches of these trees grow and twist amongst each other. Their artistry enhanced by their nakedness. But our eyes ignore all of that – we focus in on the subjects. The dapper groom standing straight against the chilly morning. And his bride, coming out across the snow to join him on the most important day of their lives.

There is such magic in a winter wonderland wedding. I love the crisp, clear air a fresh snowfall leaves behind. While all of nature sleeps, it also somehow seems more awake than ever.  The crunch of groomsmen’s shoes on the packed snow. The scape of a shovel – clearing the path for the bride’s more delicate heels. Sounds are so much more distinctive in the echoing winter air.

Even the light has more drama in the wintertime – the glare of noontime sun on fresh powder, followed by an early, burning sunset.

And the shorter days mean longer evenings of revelry. Even though it requires extra layers, guests seem more festive when they arrive at winter weddings. They’ve made a special effort to be there, but why shouldn’t they – it’s a special event. Indoors, everything takes on extra sparkle. A bridesmaid’s earrings, or the candlelight reflected on a wineglass.

I love capturing weddings at any time of year, but winter weddings give me the opportunity to be more creative. To find the best, most gentle lighting, to take portraits quickly, before everyone begins to shiver. And most fun of all, to create photos with the most subtle, but beautiful colors, in a world that otherwise might seem gray. If you’re considering having a winter wedding – know that it will be magical. Have no doubt about it – with my photography, you

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