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Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers have access to a wide variety of wedding venues to make great pictures including Belltower Venue, Oak Hill, FEAST at Round Hill, Sixty5 on Main, Tappan Hill Mansion, Senate Garage, Falkirk Estate and Country Club, Cedar Lakes Estate, the Palladian Barn, and the Art Barn. Regardless of the venue, a Hudson Valley wedding is always a beautiful experience and Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers are able to take exquisite pictures in this location. This image focuses on the bride and the emotions of this special day. The majority of the picture is cast in shadow with small squares of light peeking in the through the background of the picture. In those sunlit squares green leaves blow and sparkle in the daylight. Inside, the bride gazes out another small window space ahead of her. Shadows and light play over her face and give glimpses of her white, satin gown.The expression on the face of the bride is one that exudes happiness. Her smile is soft and her eyes look up to the window with peace shining out of them. She is content in this moment, content in her heart, mind, and soul. After months of planning and waiting for her wedding day, she now can breathe deeply and allow herself to feel the excitement and joy of this moment. Her dress is on, her makeup perfected, and her hair pulled back in a sleek bun. Now, all that is left to do is for her to walk forward down the aisle to her groom, where she will profess her love and vow to be his wife.