Studio 450 Wedding | Naomi + Yoni | NYC Wedding Photographer

Studio 450 Wedding | Naomi + Yoni | NYC Wedding Photographer

This Studio 450 wedding was a light-hearted and bright celebration of love! Yoni and Naomi tied the knot in this beautiful location surrounded by relatives and close friends. Everything from the clothing to the venue was full of charm and bursting with color.  It was perfect for a NYC wedding photographer.

Naomi prepared at Eventi Hotel, donning a simple yet gorgeous blush pink ensemble with small ruffles, keeping up perfectly with current trends. She opted for some unexpected sage green pumps which complimented her dress exquisitely. Some blue and white flowers were swept up in her hair to match the groom’s attire. Yoni wore a blue suit with a bright, striped tie. The opposite side of the vest revealed a playful pattern that went well with the theme of the day.

The two shared a first look on the shockingly beautiful rooftop of the Studio, surrounded by buildings and skyscrapers. It was one of those moments where time seemed to halt.  The newlyweds were able to take some incredible portrait shots together.

After some more excellent photos, and Ketubah signing, the couple made their way to their ceremony. It was a simple affair; gorgeous amounts of natural light filtered into the room, with a naturalistic Chuppah of wooden beams and vibrant displays of multi-colored flowers in pink, purple and yellow. The happy couple took part in the glass breaking ceremony, and were pronounced man and wife, to the delight of their guests.

After these rituals, the industrial and glamorous Studio 450 created the perfect backdrop for a reception to remember. Picture chandeliers, massive windows overlooking the city, and laughter and smiles from every invitee. The dancing was divine, and the bride and groom led the way for the rest of their friends and relatives to hit the floor.

Overall, a day characterized by pure joy, magic and splendid scenery that will be reminisced on for a very long time especially this NYC wedding photographer. Most memorable of all were the looks of love and happiness on the bride and groom’s faces throughout the entire event. To Naomi and Yoni, the newlyweds!

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