Trump National Golf Club Wedding | Jason + Ian

Love is a beautiful gift, and a wedding is a celebration of love. Jason and Ian, who are wonderfully suited to each other, planned for an elegant and classy Trump National Golf Club wedding with fall colors such as black, brown, gold, green, silver and white.

Jason and Ian helped each other to get ready to look their best on this important day. The pre-wedding photo shoot took place at 3.30pm where we took pictures of the couple at the beautiful golf course. The ceremony began at 6:00pm where a procession was held and everyone walked down the aisle. The wedding took place indoors as it was drizzling that day.

The 97-year-old grandfather gave his blessings at the beginning of the ceremony. Jason and Ian shared their vows to love and cherish each other till death do them apart. The raw emotions reflected their feelings for each other. As Jason is Jewish, the now-married couple wanted to follow the Jewish wedding tradition. The two of them each broke a glass at the end of the wedding ceremony.

The cocktail hour began at 6.30 pm, where we took portrait pictures of the newly-weds by the clock tower outside. The beautiful tinge of the countryside in the background complemented the romantic yet elegant union of the couple.

Jason and Ian joined the guests inside and shared heart-felt laughter with their family and friends. They went into a sparkler entrance for their first dance. Jason and Ian danced to Sade and there was also a mother-son dance to Lady in Red. Jason’s father and their brothers gave a lovely toast to the married couple. Both Jason and Ian thanked their family and friends and asked for their blessing.

After the speeches, everyone took to the floor to enjoy the elegant wedding. It pulled off a romantic, heart-warming mood of love to celebrate the beautiful Trump National Golf Club wedding of Jason and Ian.

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