Quechee Inn Wedding | Hannah + Josh | Vermont Wedding Venues

A more picturesque wedding would not have been possible. The mountains reflected back of a sparkling lake at the Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm, where Hannah and Josh chose to hold their nuptials. The rustic theme of the event was accented by blues and greens that matched with the water.  It put one in mind of majestic natural views and foliage. The beautiful Vermont wedding venues brought the simply themed but completely breathtaking day together.

Josh prepared for the ceremony along with his brother Rob, who would be his best man. He wore a striking blue suit and boutonniere, excitement evident on his face as he waited for 4:15 to come around. Hannah got ready with friends and relatives, and her maid of honor, who is also her sister, Nora. She looked like a vision in a classic white gown with long sleeves.  It was perfectly accented by the lovely matching flower in her hair.

The ceremony was filled with joyful smiles and marked by Jewish traditions. It was held outdoors, where guests could better take in the naturalistic setting of trees and water. After they were pronounced man and wife, the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour. Hannah and Josh slipped away for some couple portraits near the lake. What a great photography opportunity that was! The bright green grass stood out in stark contrast to the orange, red and yellow of the leaves in the background. The two were captured in a sweet embrace near the water’s edge, as well as standing on the lawn outside the Inn. Many Vermont wedding venues are great but this location had a tranquil quality.  It fit well with the style of Josh and Hannah.

The surroundings might have been calm, but don’t let that fool you. Every guest wanted to break out onto the dance floor! The crowd was ushered into a tent for the reception, which was made unforgettable by fun pictures of friends, some traditional Jewish customs, and moving speeches. Family, nature, and memorable experiences were the running theme for this amazing day. Hannah, Josh, and their guests are sure to be looking back fondly on it forever.

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