Marina Del Rey Wedding | Deana + Dean | Bronx Wedding Venues

Dean and Deana were a perfect match from the beginning. On a lovely spring day at their favorite event – the cherry blossom festival, Dean proposed. It’s easy to see why the two fell for each other when you get a glimpse into their wedding day. This party was a joyful celebration of love, strong family ties, and Greek customs.  The wedding was held at Marina del Rey, one of many Bronx wedding venues.

December temperatures gave a briskness to the air as photographs began. Picture opportunities were endless like at many of the Bronx wedding venues – starting with the gorgeous shots of Deana getting ready, and carrying over to the first look which took place out on the picturesque pier area. Lights glowed along the dock, lending a romantic ambience to the evening. The look of adoration on Dean’s face was priceless as he saw his bride for the first time. The couple shared a few sweet moments of portraits before posing for some family and bridal party shots with those nearest and dearest to them.

After this, friends and family gathered for the ceremony. The bride was stunning in a Watters Lalai dress with gorgeous Kate Spade shoes and Swarovski earrings that sparkled perfectly in the light. The groom looked dashing in his navy tuxedo and bowtie as he waited for her to float down the aisle. Deana was escorted to the front by both her parents in a heartfelt display of unity. Unrestrained joy on the newlywed’s faces marked the incredible beginning of their life as husband and wife.

The reception was fun filled and light hearted, with plenty of Greek circle dancing and well wishes from party-goers. Included in the evening was the couple’s first dance to That’s How Strong My Love Is, as well as a father -daughter, and mother- son routine. These guests certainly knew how to have a good time and make memories that would last long after the final song finished. The night was filled with dancing and laughter and happy moments. Here’s to Deana and Dean – a couple who understands that love is what matters above everything else.




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