Buttermilk Falls Wedding | Courtney + Xander | Wedding Venues Hudson Valley

Nothing but good can be said about this Buttermilk Falls wedding, a charming inn and opulent spa, which is a good 75 miles from the bustle of New York City. Courtney and Xander knew that it was the perfect place for them to gather their loved ones for the wedding of their dreams. The inn can comfortably host up to 50 well-pampered guests.  The beautifully manicured lawn and sweeping trees made the perfect backdrop against the famous Hudson River. When you acknowledge the fact that this is not only an incredible place for a relaxing retreat, but also a chance to see farm life in all its glory, no guest could refuse as one of the best wedding venues Hudson Valley.

A lovely setting was captured of Courtney getting ready for her big moment, all smiles as her makeup was done, and she donned her contemporary bright white gown with its tutu-like skirt for the ceremony. She and Xander, who was dressed in a deep navy suit, shared an intimate first look outdoors by a pond and miniature rushing waterfall. Her garden-inspired bouquet with red and lavender undertones was a theme throughout, and perfectly matched by Xander’s boutonniere. Their fun-loving bulldog even showed up for the occasion, clad in a pink skirt and flowers to match, of course. And this pup definitely wasn’t camera-shy!

The ceremony was a breathtaking outdoor event, for which the happy couple met underneath a chuppah and flower covered arch, sporting deep green and shades from light pink to dark purple. The fierce joy the bride and groom shared was evident on their faces as they exchanged vows and rings.

The reception was a lively affair, with some guests breaking into karaoke during dancing, and many smiles throughout the crowd. The bride shared a sweet moment with her father as they danced together, and more than one excited guest opted to join Courtney and Xander on the floor to show off their moves.

Overall, an incredible moment in the lives of this couple and their guests. None of them will ever forget their weekend away at Buttermilk Falls Inn, one of my favorite wedding venues Hudson Valley. Many happy years to Courtney and Xander!

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