Waveny House Wedding | Sara + Ben

Modern flair met traditional sensibilities on this special day during their Waveny House wedding. The couple’s Jewish roots and natural elements fused for a breathtaking event begging to be captured in photographs. Their wedding showed just how beloved they are by the community.

Ben and Sara thoughtfully opted not to have a traditional wedding party, so as to share the day equally with all their guests. Instead, the hours were spent surrounded by childhood buddies as they prepared for the big moment. Sara was gorgeous in an ivory gown with a cathedral length veil. The lace cascaded in layers of fabric down to her silver shoes and brought a huge smile to Ben’s face as they embraced during the first look photos. He was equally dashing in royal blue, and the expressions on their faces were captured enthusiastically on film. Soon they were joined by family members, and all posed for group shots.

The couple’s Jewish ceremony contained many religious elements, such as the breaking of glass, a beautiful Chuppah of birch branches, and the cries of, “Mozel Tav!” from their excited guests. The two played liar’s dice to see who would be the first to express their vows. It was a sign of the special occasion that Sara won, pumping a fist of triumph into the air as Ben began to read first.

One of the most memorable moments of the day took place as the sun set, and gold lighting made incredible portraits possible. The Waveny House wedding reception was held outdoors, fresh air mingling with the guests singing along to old hits from the 90’s. At the end of the night, sparklers guided the newlyweds to their Rolls Royce getaway car. A bohemian chic style mixed with happy traditions and a love of the outdoors to create the perfect day for this lovely couple.

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