Millstone Farm Wedding | Sara + Ben | Part 1 of 2

As soon as you meet Ben and Sara, two things are clear. They share a love for family and close friends, and they know how to throw a great party! Ben of New Haven, Connecticut and Sara of Texas now reside in the great city of Austin, but never miss a chance to head out and bask in the natural beauty of the country. Their Millstone Farm wedding rehearsal party was held in Wilton, CT at the sprawling, lovely farm. Surrounded by their happy guests, and some animals too, the couple spent some time meandering the land, sipping cocktails and holding conversations with loved ones, especially good friends from childhood that they’ve kept in touch with over the years. Chickens made a lively appearance, causing laughter to erupt from more than one guest.

When everyone had arrived, the group made its way to the dinner area. The sun set a pale yellow tone over the scene, and everyone shared a delicious meal served family style around the long tables, yellow and white wildflowers gracing all visible surfaces. Night fell soon after, and the speeches began. Several friends shared hilarious stories, keeping the crowd in stitches and the newlyweds blushing. Sweet sentiments were also exchanged, making it obvious that Ben and Sara’s relationship will be well supported by all of the party goers.

The greenery of mature overhead tree branches, white twinkle lights, and the heady smell of florals gave the party a dreamy yet vibrant quality as the evening continued. Laughter and the clinking of glasses filled the night. Well – wishes were given to the bride and groom to be, toasts were made, and gorgeous photos from the Millstone Farm wedding rehearsal party proved that the next day’s celebration would go off without a hitch-and hopefully with no interruptions from chickens.  

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