Emerson Resort Wedding | Kristin + Gerald

What is the perfect place for an intimate wedding with majestic views? The Catskill mountains in southeast New York is the perfect place for an Emerson Resort wedding. Kristen and Gerald work in the city, and own a home in this gorgeous area so they can retreat on the weekends. They decided that there would be no place better to read their vows amongst family and friends. So they chose the Emerson Resort, which features a spa, novelty attractions, and is situated near both the mountains and the Hudson Valley. Bellayre ski center is also close by. The lodge itself is an Adirondack style with massive windows that make you feel as if you are outdoors all the time. A more breathtaking spot could not have been found.

The bride prepared with her maid of honor and mother at the lodge, while her husband -to-be chose to get ready at their nearby home, with his best man and young daughter. Kristen’s dress was stunning with flowy layers and lace. Gerald wore a smart gray suit with a pink tie that matched the bride’s bright bouquet. The grayness of the day only seemed to add beautiful lighting to the family photos taken outdoors in the lush forestry. It was then time for the ceremony.

The couple opted for a sand pouring tradition to be completed in the gazebo after the opening prayer and before reading their vows. The wedding party was small, with just Kristen’s maid of honor and Gerald’s best man standing with them. The wedding guests numbered about 65, and the closeness of the gathering was felt throughout the rest of the ceremony and on into the reception.

In honor of Gerald’s daughters, a special dance took place on the dance floor. There were speeches, toasts, and romantic portraits captured of the newlyweds throughout. Upon looking over the scene, the importance of family and relationships becomes clear. Set amidst the backdrop of the Catskill mountains, forest preserve, and the lovely Esopus creek, the images takenduring the Emerson Resort wedding could not have been better. The soft lighting of the rainy day, mixed with the happiness of the occasion, created a beauty that will last forever.



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