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Do you think the breathtaking state of Connecticut has everything you are looking for in a wedding location? You’re right! Whether you desire a stately mansion, rustic farm, or something more industrial, you are sure to find beautiful wedding venues in CT.
Ideal for any time of year, you can experience the changing leaf hues in the fall, the relaxing moments of summer, the hushed snowfall of winter, or the hopeful moments of spring. The greenery, aquatic views and colorful history are sure to charm you and your guests. You shouldn’t be surprised if they all vote to extend the vacation past your wedding date. If you are looking for places to get married in CT that has something for everyone, you will find all you need with wedding venues in CT.
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Wedding Venues in CT

The Barns at Wesleyan HillsThe Wesleyan Hills are a planned residential community that lies on 288 idyllic acres right in Middletown Connecticut. You can access them from downtown by driving south for 3 miles. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with weddings.

Well, the Barns are a group of historic buildings owned by the Wesleyan Hills community. They were converted into special spaces for meetings and events and have since been leased to the Connecticut Wedding Group, which in turn leases them out for weddings. The Connecticut wedding group firmly believes that everyone who attends a wedding should be able to feel the love and energy, and that the best way to experience these is through imagery.

That is precisely what they seek to achieve at The Barns. Perhaps the most iconic wedding space at Wesleyan Hills is The Little Barn, which it must be pointed out isn’t as little as one would be led to believe by the name. It is a large space that is optimal for weddings. You can hold your ceremony here in front of your treasured guests, sharing your beautiful day with them. You can also take advantage of the in-house catering staff to whip up an excellent meal for the wedding dinner and later hold a dance where everyone gets to throw their cares to the wind and dance the night away.

There are incredible photo opportunities, great menus, and a professionalism you will be hard placed to find anywhere else. Their website is incredibly user-friendly and you can begin planning your special day right away! 225 guests are welcome.

The address is 616 Long Hill Road, Middletown CT, 06457 and telephone number is (860) 347-7171.

The Society Room of Hartford – The Society Room is a luxury venue for just about anything you can think of: private parties, corporate conferences, business celebrations, and weddings. The backdrop it provides is perfectly elegant an unforgettable.

Perhaps the most iconic room in this venue is the Society ballroom, where there are the grandest marble columns I have seen in New England. Up the soar into the ceiling, with its beautiful murals. When you’re standing on that dance floor, thirty five feet below the ceiling, you truly will feel as if you’re dancing under the stars. From the balcony, with its grand size of 3,000 feet, flows a staircase. You will love all the things you can do with this staircase for your wedding, as it makes for a perfect focal point. The Ballroom itself is adorned with bronze, brass, limestone, and marble accents, making for an air of opulence that makes you think of The Great Gatsby.

Here, perhaps, would be the perfect place to hold your wedding reception, cocktail hour, or evening dance. It’s definitely going to lift the spirits of your guests. There are also other spaces that lend themselves well to whatever activities you might have planned, such as the wedding ceremony and the photo ops. These include function spaces and lounges, each bringing an impeccable character to the table and each including a fully stocked bar and ample seating space for your guests. There is also a well-trained catering staff for your banquets and a chef the like of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. If you’re looking to bring magic and elegance to your wedding, then the Society Room will let you do it in style. You and 300 guests can dance the night away in a classic and beautiful setting with a touch of the twenties.

The address is 31 Pratt Street, Hartford CT, 06103 and telephone number is (860) 524-0796.

Wadsworth Mansion – The Wadsworth mansion is considered one of the most beautiful properties quintessential wedding venues in CT. It is a country estate with an exemplary air of the wonderful Gilded Age and, as such, it’s the perfect place to hold an elegant wedding.

It was restored in 1999 by the current owners to its former magnificence and has a Beaux Arts style reminiscent of the early 20th Century. It sits on 103 acres of beautiful rolling hills and wooded parklands right in the Connecticut River Valley. Top it off with a framing of landscaping and you’ve got yourself a fairytale venue. The ballrooms are beautiful, with fireplaces made of marble and coffered ceilings. They can comfortably hold 200 of your guests for dinner and many more for cocktail hour. The loggia is a room with vaulted ceilings that has been drenched in sunlight with French doors and a grand terrace beyond. The vista outside is breathtaking, for lack of a better word. They offer a 100-foot vista that you won’t find elsewhere. This is an excellent place to hold a dance or an informal cocktail hour, allowing your guests to let themselves go and enjoy the view.

If you want an outdoor ceremony with a healthy dose of intimacy then you’ll love the tennis pavilion, with its excellent views and great atmosphere. The Wadsworth Mansion distinguishes itself from other wedding venues by holding only one event per day. That way they can fully focus on your event, ensuring the ambiance is elegant and that the design of your wedding is both memorable and unique. White pillars, sprawling lawn and all the elegance in the world for 200 or more invitees.

The address is 421 Wadsworth Street, Middletown CT, 06457 and telephone number is (860) 347-1064.

The Farmington Club – The Farmington Club started out as a modest members-only club for swimming and tennis. From there it has grown over the years into something much grander, with a large assortment of rooms and outdoor spaces for just about anything you can conceive of doing on your wedding day. The rooms can hold up to 300 guests, depending on which room you choose, while the picnic grounds are capable of hosting up to a thousand of your guests for outdoor cocktails.

The well-manicured lawns are definitely going to bring an air of elegance to your event. You can exchange vows right on these lawns, sharing the love between you and your significant other with your eager guests. The best of the rooms available is the clubhouse itself, with its classical colonial architectural style. Those towering marble column will certainly have you and your guests in awe as you enter. Inside, the high ceilings give you the feeling of being right under the dome of heaven. Here you can have your reception dinner, indoor cocktail, and dance session. The dancing, in particular, will be something to remember for many days hence in this venue.

You can also use the Aqueduct Room for the reception dinner as it has a great layout complete with tables and a fully stocked bar. It doesn’t just end there; the staff at the Farmington Club is ready to hold your hand every step of the way and help you craft the wedding of your dreams. Everything you need is there, including audiovisual equipment and Wi-Fi access.

The address is 162 Town Farm Road, Farmington CT, 06032 and telephone number is (860) 677-7341.

The Inn at Middletown – The story behind the Inn at Middletown is truly captivating. It all began in 1810, when a two story building was constructed for the president of the Middletown National Bank. The building remained in this state till 1919, when it was purchased and transformed into an armory by the State of Connecticut for the Connecticut National Guard. In this capacity, the building didn’t fare very well, falling into dilapidation until it was purchased, in 1996, by the Weitzman family. They intended to transform the building into a cultural center for music and the arts. They weren’t successful, however, as a tragic accident claimed both Mr. and Mrs. Weitzman. The story might all but have ended there, had it not been for Middletown’s leadership initiated a study in 1990 to determine the feasibility of a Conference Center/Inn. This resulted in the Inn at Middletown, 13 years later.

It has always been a major attraction since. The Inn at Middletown is at once both contemporary and colonial, blending the old world and the new effortlessly. It is located on Main Street and sits among many boutiques, shops, and charming restaurants, giving you plenty of options to add as much variety as you can to your wedding. The Inn offers accommodation for 120 guests and the catering is unrivaled. You’ll enjoy doing just about everything here, from the ceremony to the reception dinner, cocktail hour, and dance. Steeped in history with walls that seem to whisper of the past, but with a modern twist that makes this location ideal for newlyweds, the Inn is the perfect choice. 120 guests may join you here.

The address is 70 Main Street, Middletown CT, 06457 and telephone number is (860) 854-6300.

Jonathan Edwards Winery – The Jonathan Edwards Winery was created with a very simple concept in mind: to make great wine and enjoy life more often. Established in the Napa Valley in 2000, this winery has enjoyed success after success and has never missed a harvest. But it is much more than a winery, since you can host your events, including weddings, right here.

The venue is surrounded by 20 acres of pristine vineyards and sits comfortably atop a hill in the town of North Stonington, Connecticut. Your guests will deeply appreciate this venue. The stone walls, the views of the surrounding farm country, and the rolling hills will make for breathtaking scenery. You will love the Barrel Room. This is an excellent room to hold your ceremony. Exchange your vows in the rustic room with the smell of well matured wine permeating the room.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy couple, you can also exchange your vows on any of the beautiful lawns near the vineyards. You’ll have to bring your own catering team, but fear not, there are many recommended by the helpful management at the Jonathan Edwards Winery. Also, while you’ll be organizing for the food, you can always add a touch of magic by sampling some of the local wine as part of the menu. You can hold your reception in the Tasting Room while your cocktail can either be held indoors or on the beautiful stone patio. If you’d like to top it off with some dancing then you can head on to the deck and throw your cares to the wind under the watchful stars.

The address is 74 Chester Main Road, North Stonington CT, 06359 and telephone number is (860) 535-0202.

Interlaken InnInterlaken Inn does one thing better than most of the other venues on this list: destination weddings. You can create a fantastic wedding weekend, starting on Friday with a barbecue in the outdoor gardens, taking in the fresh Connecticut air and later top it off with a bonfire by the lakeside, complete with wine and keg beer. Alternatively, you can keep it elegant and do a buffet instead. Whatever works for you!

On Saturday morning you and your guests can take advantage of the 30 acres of pure awesomeness that are the Inn’s grounds. There are a large number of activities to take part in, including basketball, tennis, kayaking, and relaxing by the side of the lake. You can also enjoy yourself in the luxury spa, the fitness center, the game room, and the heated outdoor pool. If you want to try some golf, you can do it at Hotchkiss School right next door. The Interlaken Inn is a beautiful venue located in what I like to think of as the most beautiful corner of the Berkshires. Here you will be able to craft memorable moments that you and your guests will carry with you for the rest of your lives.

Have your wedding ceremony by the lakeside, letting the waters bear witness to your love for each other. Have your cocktail hour in the outdoor garden, and finish off with an epic reception in the tented reception space. End it all with a delectable Sunday breakfast to give you and your guests the energy you need to make it back home. And don’t forget about the spa!

The address is 74 Interlaken Road, Lakeville CT, 06039 and telephone number is (860) 435-9878.

The Hangar at Candlelight Farms – The story of the hangar at Candlelight Farms is tied to the story of Candlelight Farms Inn itself. This is an exclusive meeting and wedding place sitting on an expansive estate of 600 acres. Those acres, in turn, sit on Candlewood Mountain in New Milford Connecticut.

This inn, established in 1843 has welcomed all kinds of guests in the centuries it has existed, treating them to wonderful hospitality, comfortable rooms, and unmatched views all round. The estate is full of meadows, paddocks, and ponds, all making for a perfect retreat. Whether you want something grand or something quieter, such as a peaceful walk to the ponds and a silent conversation with your significant other on the swing, the Candlelight Farms Inn has you covered.

The Inn offers many spaces and facilities that you can take advantage of for your wedding, with the hangar being the greatest attraction. There are 4 guest rooms with their own private baths for the wedding couple and their most distinguished guests. You can have relaxing conversations at the parlor or make merry at the Rustic Lounge/Pub. The Hangar itself has been repurposed to make it fit for large weddings. The large rustic building lends itself very easily to customization and redecoration. You can deck it out with your own lights, floral arrangements, and any decoration you can think of.

Exchange your vows by the lake as you and your guests enjoy a natural setting for the wedding ceremony, head to the Rustic Lounge for cocktail hour, and end it with a reception dinner and a dance at the hangar. All in all, it will be a wedding to remember.

The address is 214 Candlewood Mountain Road, New Milford CT, 06776 and telephone number is (860) 210-0594.

Stonecroft Country Inn – Not all weddings are created equal, and you have absolutely no obligation to settle for one that is run of the mill or boring. The Stonecroft Country Inn is a place where you can have a unique wedding worth telling stories about for many years after the day has passed.

You can hold your wedding ceremony on the grounds, surrounding by lush laws, charming ponds full of blissful koi, the most fragrant flower gardens, and stone walls with enough history to give you a dose of nostalgia. Alternatively, if you want something indoors, you can do it by the fireplace in the dining room.

Located in Mystic, Connecticut, the Stonecroft Country Inn is an excellent place to get married at whatever time of year you choose. With many CT wedding venues, you’re constrained to just a few seasons a year. Stonecroft is one of the few that will have you at whatever time you want. Moreover, it is insanely affordable and won’t require you to spend a little fortune. It will easily accommodate up to 75 of your guests in the Dining Room, with its grand stone walls. There you can have your reception dinner and enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by the resident world-class chef. If you want to host more guests, up to 150, you can make use of the tent on the grounds. There you can do everything from cocktail hour to a dance. The staff are very helpful and will help you take care of every detail to make your wedding a success.

The address is 515 Pumpkin Hill Road, Ledyard CT, 06339 and telephone number is (860) 572-0771.

Webb Barn – East of the Connecticut River lies the Webb Barn on Main Street. This rustic wedding venue in CT is nestled in the Wethersfield Community and gives couples a chance to tie the knot at an enchanting and historically rich place. You can easily access the Webb Barn from downtown Hartford by driving south for a couple of hours.

The venue itself exudes an irreproducible vintage charm. There is a Colonial Revival Garden and a barn on the grounds. Together, these two spaces make for the perfect places to host just about anything you can think of in your wedding; the ceremony, reception, cocktail, and dinner, all in one. The Webb Barn provides you and your significant other with a romantic setup to share your vows and celebrate your love with your closest family and friends. This wedding venue was specifically designed with intimacy in mind. If you’re looking to host an intimate wedding for a few guests, then the Webb Barn is the perfect place to do it. There is plenty of space to hold your ceremony, host a cocktail hour, a reception dinner, and a dance later.

Wedding venues in a CT barn gives you plenty of rustic magic to help build the atmosphere and make everyone enjoy themselves. The venue has grand barn doors that allow natural light to waft in and bring some color to your event. The barn itself is also highly customizable, allowing you to bring in your own lighting, floral arrangements, and other decorations. If you want to say “I do” in a stylish and memorable way, then look no further than the Webb Barn. 135 or more can gather here.

The address is 211 Main Street, Wethersfield CT, 06109 and telephone number is (860) 690-0855.

Rustic Wedding Venues in CT

The Lace Factory– The Deep River Landing, where the Lace Factory is located, started out as a shipbuilding yard. It later became a dockage where ivory would be delivered for use by the local piano factories. This landing has a long and rich history of being a nexus of activity.

In 1875 its latest addition was the industrial building that would later be the Lace Factory. This building, with that recognizable chimney, has become as much a part of Deep River Landing as any other. The entire area has experienced massive growth and reimagination since its beginning. It now has a gazebo park complete with a boat launch and a picnic area. It also, of course, has the wedding location of your dreams. You can have your ceremony in the courtyard, exchanging your vows in a beautiful and tranquil outdoor space, the like of which you will hardly find anywhere else. The white arch above you will certainly enjoy your wedding as much as you and your guests.

You can also take things inside, into the industrial hall, whether it be a ceremony, a reception dinner, a dance, or a simple cocktail and socializing session. The industrial interior is very easy to decorate. You can wrap string lights around the ceiling beams, fix crystal chandeliers, and add flowers and other decorations to make for an elegant and chic wedding in a beautiful and spacious wedding venue.

You could even forget about the factory altogether and hold your ceremony at the Deep River Landing, enjoying the view of the river as you exchange vows. There, on the wooden deck, the river, sky, and forests beyond will enjoy your special day with you. You will hardly find a place as beautiful as the Lace Factory to hold your wedding. You won’t be disappointed with the metal and wood detailing, high windows and old world charm of this location.

The address is 161 River Street, Deep River CT, 06417 and telephone number is (860) 526-4445.

The Maritime Aquarium – The Maritime Aquarium is a top of its class aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut with something cool happening just about every day of the week. Have you ever fantasized about spending time with your beloved at your wedding reception, enjoying the party, while marine animals swim around in an aquarium in the background? Well, it’s possible at this aquarium as they allow weddings.

Why not saying your vows right against the exhibits of marine life? The floor to ceiling views will definitely leave your guests in awe as they share your special day with you. There are plenty of things to do at the Maritime Aquarium, from tours to historical briefings of some of the most remarkable creatures to come out of the sea. It’s common knowledge that we still don’t know about most of the animals that live in our oceans. Even the ones we do know about still surprise us every day. Give your guests the opportunity to be surprised and wowed at your wedding. The marine life displays will add a great atmosphere of mystery and excitement to your wedding.

Once you’re done with the ceremony you can have your reception dinner in the Newman’s Own Hall, which has been newly renovated. There are plenty of spaces to take advantage of, each offering unparalleled views of the water. The hospitality offered by the management is also wonderful and you won’t, for a minute, feel like things are running out of control. If you want something perfectly memorable and unique, the Maritime Aquarium is ready to give you the wedding of your dreams.

The address is 10 North Water Street, Norwalk CT, 06854 and telephone number is (203) 852-0700

Palace Theater – The Palace Theater is simply stunning. Built in the roaring twenties, this theater certainly still carries that charm, nearly a century later.

You can enjoy a wedding ceremony with your significant other on the stage of the theater to the cheer and appreciation of your guests. You can then move into any of the spaces in the lobby to wine, dine, and dance. One thing I can promise you is that you will not find another place as stunning as the Palace Theater in which to hold your reception dinner.

The dinner will be overflowing with romance. The interior design is full of curtains made out of velvet, staircases made out of marble, ceilings made out of gold leaf and crystal chandeliers. With décor like that who needs to bring their own décor? At the very least you might bring in some floral arrangements and romantic candles to help foster the right mood and get everyone enjoying the love.

The Palace Theater has an air of elegance about it that you won’t find anywhere else. The staff is very professional and knows to pay attention to detail to ensure your wedding is perfect. The Palace Theater has a way of blending the performing arts and royalty. The performing arts, of course, is a consequence of the heritage of the venue. Meanwhile, you and your guests will be treated like royalty; all while enjoy an atmosphere reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. When I visited this venue by breath was taken away, almost literally. I can only hope it does the same for you and your guests.

The address is 100 E. Main Street, Waterbury CT, 06702 and telephone number is (203) 346-2018.

Keeler Tavern Museum – You can hardly do better than the Garden House at the Keeler Tavern Museum. This would make for the perfect venue for your wedding. The Garden House will accommodate up to 100 of your wedding guests. You can already tell from the number of guests the place can accommodate that it is designed for intimate affairs where you share your special day with your closest family and friends.

This venue is considered the greatest hidden treasure of Ridgefield and is located right on the historic Main Street. It’s very easy to reach from the tristate area. The Garden House itself has French doors on 3 sides giving it a grand framing. These doors open out to a brick terrace which would be perfect for cocktail hour. The terrace itself leads out to a beautiful garden with brick walls. A wedding ceremony held here is bound to be magical. The garden itself has a fountain and reflecting pool. The surrounding pathways are lined with seasonal flowers in flower beds and rose arbors. A little beyond lies a bluestone terrace, which blooms in unrivalled beauty during the warmer months of the year. Here you can do just about anything.

The garden is perfect for ceremonies. The brick terrace is perfect for cocktail hour. Your reception dinner and dance can be held at the bluestone terrace, which happens to be tented. If you have even more guests you can rent out the Carriage Barn, which is air-conditioned and heated. This one is a rustic beauty that is bound to aid its charm to your event.

The address is 132 Main Street, Ridgefield CT, 06877 and telephone number is (203) 438-5485.

The Branford House – The Branford House mansion has the quality that even from afar it already brings wedding bells to mind. This is a 19th century mansion that has maintained its Newport charm over the centuries and still boasts vintage architecture while having unrivaled ambiance.

Your wedding will definitely be one of a kind here. You can use the enormous outdoor tent to throw a feast. Your guests will enjoy a delicious meal as they look out to the sea and marvel at the breathtaking views for miles around. If you want, you can hold the ceremony inside, taking advantage of the staircase, carved out of oak and a beautiful focal point. When you walk down this staircase the guests won’t help but to stare at you in awe.

The Branford House is an architectural masterpiece. Both the inside and outside will wow your guests. Every detail was taken care of and no expense was spared. The verandas, the terraces, the ballrooms with their polished floors; so much stone everywhere and all so beautiful. Your wedding day will be worthy of going down into the annals of history as the best event of the decade.

This venue is fairly spacious as it is capable of accommodating up to 200 of your guests. Yet, even with such a crowd, you won’t, for a single moment, feel stressed. The staff is there to make sure all the details are taken care of and that your day is truly magical. This venue looks like it leaped right out of a fairy tale book, and that’s exactly what it will make your wedding feel like: a fairy tale.

The address is 1084 Shennecossett Road, Groton CT, 06340 and telephone number is (860) 405-9072.

The Barns at Wesleyan Hills

The Mansion at Harkness State Park – Eolia, the mansion at Harkness State Park, has an interesting history to it. It originally belonged to the Harkness family and was their summer mansion. These were Mary and Edward Harkness. Edward’s father was a partner of John D. Rockefeller’s in his Standard Oil Company and so he was a very rich man. He commissioned the mansion and it has since been an icon of the Connecticut area. It is now managed by the government as a state park.

As such, it is very large, with 230 acres right next to the sea on Long Island. This park has received recognition all round and even received the Millennium Medallion Award from the American Society of Landscape Architect. It is a beautiful park and prides itself in exclusivity when it comes to events. As such, only one event is allowed per day. However, considering its public status, visitors from outside will still be allowed to access the grounds until evening.

The biggest plus for this venue is the views it affords guests. You and your guests will be able to enjoy stunning views of Long Island and the surrounding sea as far as the eye can see. The terrace outside is perfect for cocktail hour and a reception dinner while you can exchange your vows either in the lush lawns on the grounds or inside the wonderful halls of the mansion. Harkness Park itself is a picturesque estate, featuring old trees adorned with climbing plants and pathways lined with flowers. From the architecture to the natural vistas, this venue will take your breath away. 150 guests are welcome here.

The address is 275 Great Neck Road, Waterford CT, 06385 and telephone number is (860) 443-5725.

New Haven Lawn Club – The New Haven Lawn Club is an exclusive private club in New Haven that’s been around for over a century now. It has served couples, families, and individuals as both a social and a recreational center in that time. It has consequently played a significant role in shaping the culture of the greater New Haven.

This club began its life in the 1800s when it was founded as a prestigious club that catered to the upper classes with activities like lawn tennis. It developed a large membership of tennis enthusiasts and eventually needed to relocate to a larger patch of land. It was rebuilt on Whitney Avenue in 1891. It did, however, experience a tragedy in 1929 when a fire consumed the clubhouse. The members came together and raised funds to rebuild it, resulting in a much more elegant facility designed by the architect Douglas William Orr of New Haven. This new club was opened in 1931.

The club has since become much more inclusive, albeit still private. The grounds are plush as ever, the clubhouse magnificent in its ornate architecture, and lawn tennis still a key activity on the grounds. Your wedding event will be catered by the Lawn Club Fine Catering. This is a full-service catering service that resides on the club. While the club remains private, the catering service serves both members and non-members to host their special events, including weddings in the designated event spaces. The staff are very eager to help and will help you take care of every detail of your wedding, ensuring it is a wedding to remember.

The address is 193 Whitney Ave., New Haven CT, 06511 and telephone number is (203) 777-3494.

Gershon Ballroom – The Gershon Fox Ballroom is the property of Marquee Events and a much coveted wedding venue. It is located in the Gershon Fox building in Hartford, Connecticut and happens to be the main attraction. This ballroom is simply magic. If you’ve always wanted an experience similar to Cinderella’s in the popular fairy tale then look no further. This ballroom will really have you dancing till midnight. And just like Cinderella, when the clock strikes twelve, you won’t want to leave. Hopefully you won’t be under some spell that expires so you’ll be able to stay on as long as you want.

The décor in this venue is perfectly elegant and artistic. It exudes the ambiance of old Hollywood. There are 3 event spaces to take advantage of, each lending itself perfectly to whatever activity you have in mind, whether the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the reception dinner or the dance. Whether you’re looking to have a grand affair or something small and intimate, the Gershon Fox Ballroom has you covered. The Mezzanine Lounge lends itself perfectly to the cocktail hour with great views of the surrounding countryside while the Top Shelf Premium Bar will make sure your guests do not know thirst. The dinner should be fantastic. The wedding package includes a four-course meal and a sparkling champagne toast. You also get wine service throughout the dinner. The Marquee team will also help you plan everything to the smallest detail, making for a perfect wedding. Bring 200 guests and have a blast at this unique spot.

The address is 960 Main Street, Hartford CT, 06103 and telephone number is (860) 278-4466.

Wrights Mill Farm – The Wrights Mill Farm is a country setting that leaps at you right out of a storybook. Full of winding roads, the most romantic waterfalls I have ever seen, historical buildings, and beautiful ponds, this venue will easily lend its rustic charm to your wedding. You get the vibe right from the moment you arrive. It’s almost as if the whole atmosphere is talking to you, telling you that you’re special and that you’re just about to have the best day of your life.

There are plenty of venues here where you can hold the different activities you’ve planned for your wedding. Let’s start with the ceremony site, which is the designated area for exchanging your wedding vows. It is many rows of benches in a clearing in the forest where you can let the trees witness as you say “I do” to the love of your life. But you don’t have to settle for that.

You could instead exchange those vows at the waterfall, with its musical sounds, or the covered bridge, with its allure of another era. Once the nuptials are done, you can have a cocktail hour and mingle by the scenic ponds before proceeding to have a sumptuous farm to table dinner in the Ballroom. There you can decorate the table, walls and ceilings in flowers and lighting to capture the heart and soul of your wedding theme.

Don’t stop there, though, take a walk through the winding pathways that go through the forest for photo ops with your significant other. However you look at it, this venue will give a wedding for the books. Bring 300 or more for your special occasion.

The address is 65 Creasy Rd, Canterbury CT, 06331 and telephone number is (860) 774-0440.

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art – The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art is designed for those who love art so much that they want to make it an intimate part of their wedding. The beaux-arts and modern galleries will make for a perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony, reception dinner, cocktail hour, and dance.

This museum features both European and American masterpieces. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece. Your guests will be rendered speechless. There are many spaces available the museum. The Avery Court is an international style space. It is actually the first of its kind in any American museum and has an excellent skylight.

The fountain sculpture in the middle is the highlight, however. The piece is Venus with Nymph and Satyr. It is from the 1600s and was made the Pietro Francavilla for one of the gardens in Florence. This court is spacious enough to accommodate 350 of your guests if they’ll be standing. If you decide to have them all seated, it will hold 220 guests. It is perfect for a dinner or cocktail.

Next is the Morgan Great Hall, which has ceilings fifty feet high and will easily seat 120 of your guests for a delicious dinner. The great hall was restored to its former splendor in 2015 and boasts a complete reinstallation of its European collection of art. That is actually the first complete European collection in over two decades. The Aetna Theater and Loctite Lobby are fully equipped with audiovisual equipment and are a great place for music and dancing. The murals on the walls stretch from the floor to the ceiling of the Art Deco Theater, which has been around since 1934. The theater will comfortably seat 284 of your guests.

Finally we have the Hartford Courant Room and the Untitled Bistro & Gengras Court. Here you can have the perfect location for a grand reception dinner. It was designed for the most intimate of occasions as it will only comfortably seat 50 of your guests. The Hartford Courant Room can be used together with the Gengras Court to extend the capacity to 100 during the warmer months of the year. This venue is at once diverse and beautiful, offering you endless opportunities to make your wedding perfect.

The address is 600 Main Street, Hartford CT, 06103 and telephone number is (860) 278-2670.

Guilford Yacht Club – The Guilford Yacht Club is one of those wedding venues in CT by the water which will ensure your wedding is memorable no matter what the theme or how it turns out. Your wedding portraits will certainly benefit from having the water views of the West River and the salt marshes as a backdrop.

Your reception dinner can be hosted under the tent on the shores of the river, with the water offering a musical background to the festivities. Your guests can mingle on the hardwood deck and the flagstone patio being the clubhouse with its signature white and grey look. The Guilford Yacht Club is operated by the Gourmet Galley, an event organizing service with over 2 decades of experience with private events. Their helpful and professional team will ensure you and your guests enjoy your special day with plenty of food and drink and merriment all round. They will take care of all the details, gifting you a flawless wedding devoid of any stresses. For those that love well-lit rooms, river air, and all things nautical, come to the Guilford Yacht Club. You and 300 guests can party in this romantic atmosphere.

The address is 379 New Whitfield Street, Guilford CT, 06437 and telephone number is (203) 415-3427.

The Loading Dock The Loading Dock is perhaps aptly named as a metaphor for the dock at which the ship of your marriage finally leaves the shore and sails off into the distance, ready for adventure. This venue has a SoHo like feel to it that makes for the perfect alternative wedding venue for those looking to try something different.

The event space itself is very modern and boasts a great interior with beautiful hardwood floors, ductwork that has been gracefully exposed, and rustic brick walls. The result is a magically chic industrial atmosphere that will permeate just about every aspect of your wedding. This isn’t like a country club. The problem with most country clubs is that you have to work with some serious constraints. The rooms have already been predesigned and pre-decorated. When you’re trying to decorate them to match your wedding’s theme you end up having to work with constraints that may hamper your creativity and prevent you from realizing the full vision of your wedding.

You won’t have to deal with that at The Loading Dock. Here the spaces are large and unadorned, allowing you to customize them in whatever way you like to fashion the wedding of your dreams. The staff are very meticulous and will plan your wedding to perfection being careful to ensure the food and service are out of this world. All you have to do on your wedding day is precisely what you were meant to do on your wedding day in the first place: enjoy yourself. This venue is modern, unique and incredibly fun. For the art-loving, city bride and groom looking to have a great party that will be talked about forever! It can hold up to 300.

The address is 375 Fairfield Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902 and telephone number is (203) 357-7400.

Lord Thompson Manor – This manor was built in the early 20th century according to the designs of Frederick Law Olmsted. It was designed to be an English manor estate. This is one of those wedding venues that specialize in wedding weekends or destination weddings.

As such it encourages couples to go for the whole package, which includes the rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, the spa day, the after party and the brunch on the day after, all on their expansive and beautiful 40 acres. The Side Garden is an excellent place to hold your wedding reception. The garden is well manicured and the well maintained flowers will add a certain flair to your exchange of vows.

Alternatively, if you would like to do it indoors, you can exchange your vows in the Conservatory Room with candlelight around you and the sunset beaming in through the large windows. Either way it will be the most romantic ‘I do’ you could ever say. The reception can be made even grander and more elegant in the Manor itself. The staff takes of all the details and basically transforms the Manor into your weekend home. You can collaborate with them in customizing all the design elements to match your desired style. The rooms are beautiful, elegant, and have a classical feel that will permeate the atmosphere of the reception dinner. Finally, top it all off with an after party.

The entire Manor and its grounds are open to you to organize the most epic party you can think of, where everyone will be carefree, dancing far into the night. 250 guests will have plenty of room here, and can take advantage of the spa and beautiful rooms.

The address is 286 Thompson Hill Road, Thompson CT, 06277 and telephone number is (860) 923-3886.

Priam Vineyards – The Priam Vineyards is the perfect venue to host your wedding for wine lovers. The wines found at the estate are world class. The estate itself boasts of intense natural beauty. It sits on top of a hill and is surrounded by scenic vineyards on all sides. The estate is expansive at 40 acres and has a wide view of the surrounding New England country, 35 miles wide to be exact.

You can hold your ceremony in the garden, making a magnificent entrance with the vineyards flanking you on either side. The stone wall, with its lining of Sugar Maples is a perfect place to say ‘I do’. You can adorn the altar with a chuppah or an iron gazebo to help focus the attention of the guests where it matters. Once you’re done with the wedding ceremony, enjoy a stroll through the hayfield or on the path, with its ornate lining of Bluebird boxes.

The surroundings will make for a perfect backdrop for your photos. You and your guests can finally be reunited on the Bluebird Pasture at the very top of the vineyard. Here you may enjoy a sumptuous meal with the country air to help keep everything calm and relaxed. The large tent is spacious enough and will easily accommodate up to 400 of your guests. This venue is anything but bland, combining the picturesque with the rustic in ways you would never imagine. A wedding here is bound to give you and your guests fond memories and keep everyone talking for at least the next decade.

The address is 11 Shailor Hill Road, Colchester CT, 06415 and telephone number is (860) 267-8520.

Madison Beach Hotel – The Madison Beach Hotel makes for excellent seaside weddings at whatever time of the year. Whether you’re into indoor or outdoor weddings, this venue has you covered. Imagine a beautiful wedding here with the surf roaring in the distance. Imagine the afternoon sunset glowing softly on your party as you exchange your vows for the whole world to see.

Feel the sand in your toes and enjoy the elegance in comfort. If what you want is a beachfront wedding then this is the place to have it. Meanwhile, the Long Island appeal and the Atlantic Ocean beyond will do their fair share to add some much needed charm to your affair. The focus of the staff at this venue is very narrow. They deal with one couple at a time, one set of guests at a time, one ceremony at a time, and one glorious celebration at a time. With such dedication you can be sure they will make your event magical, being sure not to spare any detail in the pursuit of perfection.

This centrally located venue is easily accessible from the New York and Boston areas and will comfortably host 200 of your guests. Enjoy your ceremony on the beach, your reception dinner and cocktail hour in the hotel’s many spaces and lounges, and an evening dance in the hotel’s main hall. Dance the night away with your significant other and your guests and I promise that, come morning, you will all carry memories home that will last a lifetime.

The address is 94 West Wharf Road, Madison CT, 06443 and telephone number is (203) 245-1404.

Saybrook Point Inn & Spa – Saybrook Point Inn and Spa is one of the most magical places you can decide to hold your wedding. Here you will meet experienced and talented wedding professionals who will cater to all your needs. The place has a great reputation for handling weddings of all sizes and shapes.

You also get plenty of options when it comes to the different activities you might want to hold at your wedding, such as the wedding ceremony itself, the reception, the cocktail hour, and the dance session. Why not have your wedding ceremony at the waterfront with the great views of Long Island in the distance? You could alternatively do it at Compass Ross with the sunset giving you and your significant other a golden tinge.

There are also plenty of warm indoor spaces for when the months get cold. The chefs are some of the most talented in the world and they will gladly cook up some delectable delights for you and your guests. Saybrook has a wonderful reputation for preparing delicious meals that you will never forget and stocking excellent drinks to keep your guests in a party mood all night. It’s your special day and nothing is supposed to ruin that for you.

The staff will work on the preparations with you, making sure to take care of every detail so you don’t have to stress the small stuff on your wedding day. You can look into your lover’s eyes, smile, and say “I do” then proceed to enjoy the rest of your day with peace in your mind.

The address is 2 Bridge Street, Old Saybrook CT, 06475 and telephone number is (860) 395-2000.

Madison CT Wedding Venues

Mystic Seaport – I like to think that for some of us the sea is as much a part of us as anything else. How else can we explain the sailors of old who would brave the high seas and oceans of the world, even when there was no direct and clear benefit to doing so? Even when they had no great duty to country or employer, they would find themselves being drawn back to the sea, and the shore would harbor nothing but bittersweet nostalgia for them.

The Mystic Seaport doesn’t give you the high seas, but it does give you something a little better: the high shore. Here you can see the point where land stops and sea begins. Mystic Seaport is one of the best wedding venues in CT on the water. Why not use it as a fitting metaphor for the end to your single life and the beginning of marriage which, like the sea, promises to be one hell of an adventure.

Here you will find excellent views of the water, plenty of fresh air, ships all around you, and a certain atmosphere that will add some necessary seasoning to any event. There are plenty of places where you can hold your wedding activities. You can exchange vows out by the shore on the North Lawn or, if you want something a little more indoors and traditional, the Greenmanville Church.

Other great spots where you can hold your reception dinner, cocktail hour, and dance session include the River Room at Latitude 41 Degrees Restaurant for a scrumptious meal, the Boat Shed at Lighthouse Point for your cocktail hour, and Sabino for the dance. There’s also accommodation at the Morgan Suites if you’re looking to do a wedding weekend instead.

The address is 75 Greenmanville Ave., Mystic CT, 06355 and telephone number is (860) 572-0711.

Tower Ridge Country Club – Tower Ridge Country Club is a classic. This beautiful country club captures the spirit of Connecticut and is located right at the foot of the Talcott Mountain Range. When I first arrived here for my review, I was genuinely awestruck.

Sure enough, there are plenty of wedding venues out there that are set on a golf course. There’s something about a golf course that just adds that extra touch of glitz and glam to your wedding and instantly makes it elegant, sans all the other add-ons you give it to make it classy. However, there was something a little extra about Tower Ridge Country Club. It was definitely as elegant as any golf course, but it wasn’t as impersonal as many of the others.

I have always felt like golf courses had an ‘assembly line’ of weddings happening on them every weekend. You would be catered to in a rush because you had to move along so the next person could get served. Tower Ridge wasn’t like that. The service was very personal and customized. They wanted to know all the details and help as much as they could. I bet the brides feel like they’re pampered and forget they’re taking part in the planning process for their own weddings.

The golf course itself is absolutely beautiful and the clubhouse, where you can hold the ceremony, offers panoramic views of the beautiful golf course. You also get to enjoy the view of the Talcott Mountain Range beyond with its rolling hills full of trees. If you want breathtaking scenery and unmatched service to define your wedding, then this is definitely the venue for you. Say I do with 250 friends present at this luxurious venue.

The address is 140 Nod Road, Simsbury CT, 06070 and telephone number is (860) 651-9393.

Connecticut River Museum – The Connecticut River Museum is an excellent place to hold your wedding. Here you get a beautiful waterfront on which to experience the most beautiful day of your life. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. It could be something refined and sophisticated or something a little more rustic and hard around the edges. The Connecticut River Museum will give you that.

The nautical background is simply superb. The River Front Lawn lends itself perfectly to the exchange of your vows. A tent is also available where you can enjoy the reception dinner. Did I tell you how beautiful the sunsets are in this place? Imagine enjoying your dinner with a view of that sunset. Meanwhile the sailboats drift by majestically, adding some drama to the scene. The breeze from the river has a way of making dancing under the moonlight an exhilarating experience. You can even light up a bonfire and let yourself go!

The North Deck and the Boathouse Room are readily available for a cocktail hour, where you and your guests get to socialize in an intimate setting. You can also use it for a photo op, using the rustic interiors to your advantage. If you want to go all out, you can arrive to your wedding in a boat. There’s something you guests will be talking about for many years to come! The event coordinator and their staff are very helpful and polite. They make sure every detail of your wedding has been taken care of and that your special day is truly special. Celebrate among the sailboats with 150 party-goers.

The address is 67 Main Street, Essex CT, 06426 and telephone number is (860) 767-8269.

Mystic Museum of Art – Here’s another venue with a fantastic waterfront view. The Mystic Museum of Arts, formerly the Mystic Arts Center, is an excellent place to hold your wedding if you want to add a dash of art to the affair. Here you get to enjoy a perfect backdrop filled with beautiful artwork.

There are plenty of spaces you can take for your ceremony, reception dinner, cocktail hour, and dance. The museum lies on the banks of the Mystic River and gives you some of the most spectacular views of the water. Whatever the time of day, you’re going to enjoy those views. The outdoor lawn is available if you want a traditional ceremony with your guests witnessing you and your significant other exchanging vows on a well-manicured lawn.

If you want something a little more intimate, then you can hold your ceremony on the outdoor terrace under a tent. There are also opportunities to be extra unique with your ceremony. Why not do it among the artwork and the galleries? That way your ceremony can be considered truly “artistic”. The very high 16-foot ceilings and the awe-inspiring skylights will definitely excite your guests and having them talk about your special wedding for many days to come.

A wedding held here is going to produce plenty of great photos. The backdrop will never be a problem with all the works of art littered around the place. The layout is also very easy to customize for your reception so you can make the venue truly your own. Finally, top everything off with an evening of dancing as you enjoy the views of downtown. Rushing river scenes and fabulous space options for 130 make this place delightful for any bride and groom.

The address is 9 Water Street, Mystic CT, 06355 and telephone number is (860) 536-7601.

Avon Old Farms Hotel – The Avon Old Farms Hotel is old in the most elegant of ways. This historical inn in the country has Georgian style interior décor that gives you a sense of nostalgia. The foyer made of marble, the beautiful antique furniture, the chandeliers with their brilliant look and the staircase that goes up for 3 stories before it gets to the Atrium Lobby give you a deep sense of grandeur. And yet, even with that antique vibe, the inn still affords to have the latest state of the art amenities and facilities so you won’t feel like you’re giving anything up.

Because of this excellent setting, the Avon Old Farms Hotel happens to be one of the most coveted wedding locations in the Farmington Valley as well the Hartford area. Here you get to experience a proper New England wedding. You can welcome your guests with a cocktail by the pool. That will definitely get them in the right mood for the events that follow. The Pergola and the gazebo, surrounded by beautiful manicured grounds, will be an excellent place to exchange your vows and tie the knot with the love of your life.

Let the streams, with their tranquil noises, and the beautiful flowerbeds help make the mood a little extra romantic. Once you’re done, head to the Towpath Ballroom for dinner and a little dancing afterwards. There your guests get to enjoy themselves with some of the best drinks in the house and can extend the party to the Terrace, where the view of the stars above awaits them.

The address is 279 Avon Mountain Road, Avon CT, 06001 and telephone number is (860) 677-1651.

Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale – The Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale is a part of the Omni Hotel & Resorts, a group of premier hotels known for their attention to detail and impeccable service. This hotel certainly keep that reputation alive by making sure that any event held here turns out better than even the hosts expected.

The Omni New Haven Hotel is located just a walking distance from the historic Yale University and I daresay it is breathtaking. It does look like the typical hotel from the outside. Plenty of flourish and pomp but all expected. It’s when you get inside that you begin to realize that this isn’t just another hotel. The brilliant chandeliers, the marble inlays, the elegant furniture, everything shows evidence of a designer who loved to pay attention to detail.

Here your guests will certainly feel at home because the hotel has a homely feel to it. If you intend to hold your wedding here you get to use the Grand Ballroom for everything from the wedding ceremony to the reception dinner. One thing that I really don’t like about many hotels that double up as wedding venues is how non exclusive they are. You could suddenly discover on your wedding day that you’re sharing the venue with 3 other couples. My major qualm with this is that the couple to be married probably wants the venue to themselves on their special day. It will make it all the more special.

The Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale is exclusive and that’s a huge plus. You book the hotel, you’re the only one who holds a wedding there. The food is exquisite (they are careful about any allergies your guests might have), the staff is very competent and helpful, and the ambience is out of this world. What’s not to love? It can also hold up to 600 guests in the spacious interior.

The address is 155 Temple Street, New Haven CT, 06510 and telephone number is (203) 772-6664.

Oronoque Country Club – The Oronoque Country Club is as exquisite as it gets and has proven an excellent wedding venue for couples that are looking to do something refined, elegant, and sophisticated. Your wedding day is likely going to prove the most important day of your life. Many people look at this day and plan for everything from the wedding dress to the menu, the color scheme, and the invitation list. Many, however, forget that the venue you choose is just as crucial to how the wedding turns out as everything else. A venue can be the difference between something that’s just average and an occasion that you and your guests will be talking about for many decades to come.

The Oronoque is the kind of venue that falls under the latter category. This golf club is not only beautiful but also very homely. You get to hold your wedding at the Club House, where you enjoy excellent views of the course green stretching outside. The best room to hold your reception dinner in is the Ballroom. This room will easily accommodate 200 of your guests and has one of the most beautiful interiors I have ever seen in a ballroom. The wood beams are exposed and will look absolutely beautiful when wrapped in string lights.

The vaulted ceiling, on the other hand, is high enough to evoke a sense of awe and grandeur in your guests. The food is absolutely delicious and the drinks are some of the best. You are hosting your wedding at a golf club, after all. You can expect the service to be unmatched. The photos are definitely going to pop!

The address is 385 Oronoque Lane, Stratford CT, 06614 and telephone number is (203) 375-4293.

Hill-Stead Museum – That dream wedding doesn’t have to remain in your dreams. You can bring it to life at the Hill-Stead Museum. This museum, located in Farmington, is a National Historic Landmark that was built in 1901. That tells you it’s definitely going to add some beauty to your wedding with all the old architecture.

The place has a lot of options, both indoors and outdoors, for the different activities on your wedding day. There are 5 spaces, to be specific. These will accommodate just about anything from the most intimate of gatherings to the most grand of weddings. They will also easily accommodate anything in between and is one of the best small wedding venues in CT.

The spaces are the Veranda and West Lawn, which have beautiful panoramic views of the Litchfield Hills, the Grass Court, which used to be a grass tennis court. It is now surrounded by stone walls that were handcrafted. This court also offers views of the main Colonial house of the Hill-Stead Museum. There is also the Sunken Garden, which is a perennial garden designed by Beatrix Farrand and spans one acre. This beautiful garden is in full bloom from spring right through fall.

The Pope Board Room lends itself well to small parties or can be converted into a dressing room for the bride. Finally, the Makeshift Theater, with its beautiful wood decorations gives a rustic mood and a great setting for cocktail hour or the dance after reception dinner. It could even host the reception dinner itself. The charm in this place is infectious and will definitely infuse your wedding. If you want to catch some of it, then don’t pass up this venue.

The address is 35 Mountain Road, Farmington CT, 06032 and telephone number is (860) 677-4787.

The Golden Lamb Buttery – The Golden Lamb Butter is a unique restaurant with a style that just oozes from the heart. It lies in the heart of the Connecticut countryside and has a lot to offer for your wedding. You can exchange your vows outside on the grounds. The sheep grazing in the distance, the majestic hills, the backdrop with its elegance and romance; all of these will make that romantic “I do” even more romantic.

Once you’re done with the knot tying, let your guests enjoy their cocktails on the beautiful deck with great views of the farm beyond. I got to enjoy that view myself when I visited the venue for my review. It has a way of adding some perspective and making you feel the beauty of the world course through your veins. There’s a barn on the property that you can use for your reception dinner. It’s very easy to layout and decorate and he rustic charm it holds will make that one hell of a dinner.

The food at the Golden Lamb is absolutely delicious. This isn’t one of the most popular restaurants in Connecticut for nothing. You can even borrow the restaurant’s style when designing the sit-down dinner for the reception. Basically, your guests will stroll through the kitchen and enter 3 dainty dining rooms where they can enjoy conversation all round as they eat. If you’re having a lot more guests over then the barn will be perfect. Later you can treat your guests to an evening dance under the stars.

The address is 499 Wolf Den Road, Brooklyn CT, 06234 and telephone number is (860) 774-4423.

Saint Clements Castle – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get married in a castle? After all, that would be the epitome of a so-called fairy tale wedding, right? Well, the thought of getting married in a castle seems like too daunting for most couples. The first thing they think of is going to Europe. Transporting all of your guests to Europe is definitely not going to be cheap. You also have to make sure it’s the right castle. They don’t all rent them out and they’re bound to be expensive, especially for Americans.

Well, you don’t have to lose hope just yet because the Saint Clements Castle will give you that experience right here in Connecticut without you having to travel too far or spend too much money. Better yet, you get to enjoy views of the Connecticut river as you exchange your vows. The Saint Clements Castle sits on 90 acres and has some of the most beautifully landscaped grounds I have ever laid my eyes on.

There are two ballrooms where you can host anything from a wedding ceremony to a reception and incredible outdoor spaces where you can take advantage of the lawns to make your wedding a beautiful one. There are awesome sunken gardens, a waterfront, and many different courtyards where you can host a ceremony, cocktail hour, a dance, or an outdoor reception dinner. This venue can easily accommodate up to 260 of your guests for what will not only be the best day of your lives, but might also end up being the best day of your guests’ lives as well.

The address is 1931 Portland-Cobalt Road, Portland CT, 06480 and telephone number is (860) 342-0593.

Winvian Farm – The Winvian Farm is just about as enchanting as a destination wedding can get. When I arrived at this wedding venue, I knew it was love at first site. The venue sits on 113 acres of farmland. There are plenty of beautiful lawns, meadows with more wildflowers than you can pick, woodlands you would gladly lose yourself in, and stone walls that would make for excellent backdrops to your pictures. You could do something refined and sophisticated here or you could do something simple and rustic. You could go for a grand wedding with plenty of guests or you could go for an intimate gathering. You could hold all the festivities on a single day or you could stretch it out to an entire weekend. Whatever floats your boat, the Winvian Farm will gladly accommodate you.

This estate has plenty of spaces you can use to your advantage. Every activity in your wedding can easily find a place here. The dining rooms lend themselves well to your reception dinner. The Spa is an excellent place for you and your guests to unwind, especially if you’re planning on having a long wedding weekend.

The Game Room, also known as the Solarium, is perfect for cocktail hour as well as dancing. Then there’s the Gordon Brown House, where you can do everything from the wedding ceremony to the evening dance. This venue also features the Hadley Suite, a luxurious place for you and your significant other to spend the weekend.

Why not turn that wedding into a honeymoon too? For your guests, there are 18 luxury cottages on the grounds that will accommodate. Don’t worry about the food; the chef is talented and the food is farm-to-table, meaning you’re going to have some sumptuous and delectable meals. Whatever your imagination, fuel it at the Winvian Farm.

The address is 155 Alain White Road, Morris CT, 06763 and telephone number is (860) 567-9600.

Candlelight Farms Inn – Candlelight farms Inn is a beautiful farm. I got here and immediately fell in love with the 600 acres of heaven. It is located on Candlewood Mountain and affords breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. This inn is pretty old, having been built in 1843.

Over the years, it has welcomed many guests who have enjoyed the warm hospitality, the very comfortable rooms, and the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. There is plenty on Candlelight Farms Inn that will catch your eye. You can enjoy the meadows, ponds, and paddocks and incorporate them into your wedding. A wedding ceremony out on the grounds is bound to be romantic and enjoyable for both you and your guests.

Here it’s all about the simple things, and this wedding venue was designed with those who value simplicity in mind. There are four guest rooms, each very comfortable and well decorated with private baths and tubs. That means you can extend your wedding into a wedding weekend.

The Parlor is an excellent spot for the cocktail hour as it encourages intimate conversation. Alternatively you can take cocktail hour the Rustic Pub and Lounge where the bar is fully stocked. If you want to exchange your vows indoors then the Club Room is an excellent place to do it. For me, however, what would make for a memorable experience here are the views. You get to see the mountains and countryside around. It does something to you; turns you into a believer. Your wedding will be a memorable one.

The address is 214 Candlewood Mountain Road, New Milford CT, 06776 and telephone number is (860) 210-0594.

Delamar Greenwich Harbor – The Delamar Greenwich Harbor is a piece of heaven found on Steamboat Road. This beautiful venue gives you and your lover the perfect setting to host the most beautiful wedding you could imagine. It sits right on the famous Greenwich Harbor and offers great service and luxurious style fit for a royal wedding.

Why do things the conventional way? Why not go the extra mile and arrive at your wedding ceremony on a boat and then depart on a boat once you’re done tying the knot? If you really want your guests to be filled with awe, then that would be an elegant way to achieve it.

The Delamar Hotel has a waterfront dock that is as wide as the hotel is long. You can already tell how awesome the views of the water are going to be. I know they’re going to be excellent because I saw them myself when I visited this venue and it they swept me off my feet.

The waterfront is an excellent backdrop for those wedding day photos and will give them that extra pop they deserve. If you want something a little more indoors then you have nothing to worry about. The hotel offers two ballrooms. Each ballroom has its own set of unique features that you can use to make your wedding stand out. You can hold your reception dinner in there and then have your guests come out to the terrace by the waterfront for cocktails as they enjoy the views. Whatever kind of wedding you have in mind, let the Delamar Hotel make it a reality for you.

The address is 500 Steamboat Road, Greenwich CT, 06830 and telephone number is (203) 661-9800.

The Lounsbury House – Whenever a historic mansion doubles up as a wedding location, you know there’s going to be magic. The Historic Lounsbury House is one of most magical mansions out there. This house is fairly old, having been built in 1896. It was built by the then Connecticut Governor Phineas C. Lounsbury.

The story is pretty interesting as stories of the inspirations behind houses go. The governor was attending the Chicago World Fair in 1893 and saw the Connecticut State House. He was so taken back with awe at the site of it that he made up his mind to build a replica of that state house as his own family home. And that’s how the Lounsbury house was born.

It has since passed on to the town of Ridgefield and is now owned as a non-profit. From the massive doors to the sweeping staircase to the delicate moldings, this house has a level of class that is very difficult to find anywhere else. You can hold your wedding ceremony outside on the well-manicured lawns or inside by the lobby where you can stun your guests by walking down the beautiful staircase to your groom.

There are lots of beautiful spaces inside that you can customize for the reception dinner, cocktail hour and dance. The furniture is elegant and antique, the ceilings high, and the walls make for excellent backgrounds for some of the most stunning photos you could ever take. What I love about this place is its non-profit nature. The money you spend here will go into maintaining the mansion in pristine condition for other couples to enjoy in the future.

The address is 316 Main Street, Ridgefield CT, 06877 and telephone number is (203) 438-6962.

Fox Hill Inn – The Fox Hill Inn is at once elegant and rustic; grand and homely, sophisticated and simple. This inn is one of those places you will never forget once you visit. I remember arriving here. I was immediately taken back by the main inn building. The wood and stone was blended in such a beautiful way that it made the architecture of the place stand out. The lawns were absolutely stunning and the views were out of this world. You could see the surrounding countryside for months.

This inn has plenty of spaces where you can hold the different activities of your wedding. You can have your wedding ceremony outside on the grounds or in the well-shaded garden. Alternatively, you can have it in the lobby, which stretches up for 2 stories. The chandelier in there gets me every time. It adds a certain bit of ambience to the lobby that will make your descent down the staircase as you go to meet your groom that much more interesting.

The décor here is very beautiful and echoes of a time long gone when the taste seems to have been much better than today. You will also love the food, which is prepared by a talented chef and stands out among Connecticut menus as satisfyingly singular.

The terrace behind the house is perfect for your cocktail hour and the dining room inside will be a perfect place to host your reception dinner. Later on you and your guests can dance out underneath the stars as you enjoy your evening. Make it a Fox Hill wedding and I promise you won’t regret it.

The address is 257 Federal Road, Brookfield CT, 06804 and telephone number is (203) 775-0089.

Candlewood Inn – When I think of Candlewood Inn, one word comes to mind: understated. I think that word aptly describes a lot about this wedding venue. The name understates just how grand the venue is. The simplicity of the setting understates just how elegant it really is. The humility of the staff understates just how competent they are and how great the service is.

This beautiful venue is located right on Candlewood Lake on 3 acres of pure magic. There is a lot to find at this inn that you will love for your wedding. For starters, the waterfront is absolutely breathtaking. It spans 500 feet and is completely uncluttered. There is just so much you can do with this waterfront.

You could hold your wedding ceremony on it and exchange vows with your significant other in the presence of the lake. You could also use it as a backdrop for your photos. It’s certainly going to lend them a bit of its magic. You and your guests can head out to the terrace for cocktail hour. The terrace is another spot that really captures the beauty of the outdoors here. Enjoy a sip of your favorite drink and talk with your guests while you enjoy the sunset and the night sky that follows. Later you can go to the dining room for your reception dinner.

There too you will have excellent views of the lake as you enjoy the delectable treats of the resident chef, who’s very talented, by the way. When the stars finally come out, the chandeliers and other fixtures will turn on to give the place some ambiance.

The address is 506 Candlewood Lake Road, Brookfield CT, 06804 and telephone number is (203) 775-4517.

Woodway Country Club – The Woodway Country Club was established in 1916 and was founded by former presidents of the Wee Burn Country Club. I loved this country club in particular because of all the venues it had to offer and how excellent they were. The Ballroom is a beautiful, earthy space that nonetheless has state of the art A/V equipment. It also happens to be very large and versatile. It would be perfect for your reception dinner as it will easily accommodate up to 400 of your guests.

There’re a bay window in the room that commands excellent views of the golf course beyond. The Noroton Room and Terrace give you even more in terms of options. The dining room opens up to the Terrace, which offers a great view of the ninth hole on the golf course and plenty of fresh air for your ghosts. I thought the terrace in particular would prove a great place to hold cocktail hour. The great vibes from the golf course are certainly going to nudge your guests into more interesting socializations with each other. Who knows, the next super couple that ends up getting married might originate from here!

The Living Room, with its warm fireplace, is an excellent place to hold an indoor ceremony. Finally, we have the Hoyt Room, just off the Foyer. This space is a little more private and can be used for a variety of functions from a small bridal party preparation room to a reception space for those extra small gatherings. All in all, this is a wonderful wedding venue that you will adore.

The address is 540 Hoyt Street, Darien CT, 06820 and telephone number is (203) 322-1661.

The Country Club of Darien – This excellent country club has a pretty interesting story behind it. It was founded by Edgar Auchincloss and his mother Catherine Agnew Auchincloss. The vision was to turn their 200 acre farm into a country club. This dream finally became a reality in 1957. The farm was initially named Keewaydin, a tribute to the song of Hiawatha and was owned by the Auchincloss family since 1905. It was initially just a retreat for the holidays. They eventually gave it an 18 hole golf course, paddle courts, a paddle hut, Har-Tru tennis court, a large swimming pool with a gated kiddie pool, a fitness center, a club house, and two restaurants.

Today it is one of the premier country clubs in Connecticut. The club is an all season club and has lots of excellent spaces to offer where you can hold your different activities such as wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception dinner, and dance. The Lounge, in particular, is a great indoor option for cocktail hour as it has a well-stocked bar and a warm fireplace. A fall wedding here means your guests get to sip on their drinks, talk, and enjoy watching the leaves turn golden outside.

The club has plenty of fireplaces, by the way, and any of them will make for an excellent indoor venue for you and your significant other to exchange vows. The Pub Patio is also a great option for cocktail hour and the Clubhouse dining room will make for a grand and elegant reception. This venue offers great opportunities all round and you’re bound to enjoy having your wedding here.

The address is 300 Mansfield Avenue, Darien CT, 06820 and telephone number is (203) 655-9726.

Wee Burn Country Club – The Wee Burn Country Club happens to be one of the oldest private in clubs in the State of Connecticut and, having been founded in 1896. It is also one of the founding members of the prestigious Connecticut State Golf Associate.

The name Wee Burn itself is a Scottish name given to the club by the famous Scottish American industrialist Andrew Carnegie and means “small stream”. The club itself has lots of facilities you can take advantage of to make your wedding a success. There is the club house with its Mediterranean architecture and general style. There is the golf course, which was designed by the famous architect Devereux Emmet. It also features a small practice area with 3 holes.

You can have your wedding ceremony in the club house by the fireplace or right at the lobby, taking advantage of the beautiful interior décor and high ceiling. The dining room will easily accommodate your guests for a reception dinner that everyone will be talking about for a long time to come. There is also the private beach club the club owns on Long Beach Sound. There you can hold cocktail hour or a dance with great views of the water and the sky. There are also plenty of other indoor and outdoor banquet and dining facilities, each with its own unique set of features that you can use to the advantage of your wedding. The staff are also very competent and helpful, giving you all the assistance you need to make your wedding one out of a fairy tale.

The address is 410 Hollow Tree Ridge Road, Darien CT, 06820 and telephone number is (203) 655-1477.

The Country Club of New Canaan – Before I visited the Country Club of New Canaan for this review, I had heard a little about it. However, nothing prepared me for the stunning views I was struck with when I finally paid a visit to this beautiful venue. The club itself has quite a history. It started out named the Oenoke Field Club because it was initially located at Oenoke Ridge and later had the name changed to The Country Club of New Canaan. This club was established in 1893 and, as a result happens to be one of the oldest clubs in Connecticut.

Sitting on 208 acres of pristine land, it has plenty to offer for the couple looking to have an elegant wedding that will wow their guests. The club house itself is a beautiful bungalow with a certain Georgian air to it. Here you can do a lot with the indoor spaces. You can exchange wedding vows by the great fireplace in the parlor with the love of your life and your guests look on with admiration in their eyes.

The dining room is large and elegantly laid out for what will likely be the best reception dinner you or any of your guests will ever have. The food is top notch as the chef is world class and knows exactly what he’s doing. The terrace is perfect for cocktail hour. There you can sip on wine and interact with your guests as you enjoy panoramic views of the golf course beyond. The staff are also very helpful and professional. They take care of all the nuanced details and make sure you don’t have to stress about anything on your big day.

The address is 95 Country Club Road, New Canaan CT, 06840 and telephone number is (203) 966-3513.

Rockrimmon Country Club – The Rockrimmon Country Club was born in the mind of a group of visionaries in 1947. These were Stamford residents who thought it would be a great idea to have a club where they could play golf. But they weren’t just looking to have a conventional golf course and a club. They were looking to build a golf course like no other; one that would be the envy of many other clubs in Connecticut. They didn’t let the dream remain a dream and went on to pool their resources and purchase the “Ayers Farm”, 218 acre parcel of land that straddled both the states of New York and Connecticut. And that is how the Rockrimmon Country Club was born.

The final touch was to get renowned architect Robert Trent Jones to design an 18 hole golf course on the parcel. The Rockrimmon Country Club has plenty to offer. I love the lower terrace because of the striking views of the nearby Ayers Lake that it offers. I can’t think of a better place to exchange vows with the love of your life. Once you’re done with the ceremony you can have cocktail hour by the pool, letting your guests mingle and socialize with the option of taking a swim in the pool if the urge proves too great. Finally, you can head inside the club house for some fine dining and a night of non-stop dancing.

The Executive Chef even lets you customize the menu and create your own to make for a truly unique wedding. The staff is very supportive and competent with massive experience in event organization. This place is both beautiful and hassle free.

The address is 2949 Long Ridge Road, Stamford CT, 06903 and telephone number is (914) 764-5010.

The Patterson Club – The Patterson Club saw its beginnings in 1929 when a few employees of General Electric organized to have the Patterson Club as a Dining and Social club. It initially started out with just 20 charter members but grew to over 100 less than a year later. The name of the club was borrowed from C.E Patterson, General Manager of the Appliance and Merchandize Department at General Motors and a Vice President at the Patterson Club. He personally donated $10,000 to the development of the club when it was first starting out. He was also a fervent supporter of the club at general motors, pushing its agenda as hard as he could to General Motors employees.

The club was built to promote the social, business, and athletics interests of the members, allowing younger members to interact with the older, more experienced ones and gain business and other insights from them. The club has since grown and now includes many state of the art facilities and amenities that the members and outsiders (like those holding weddings) can take advantage of.

There are plenty of event spaces on the venue that you can use for your wedding. The Greenfield Room, for example, is an excellent ballroom to hold your reception dinner or cocktail hour. It will easily accommodate 240 of your guests and has a vibe to it that relaxes you and makes you want to socialize with those around you. The Fairfield Room, with its elegant fireplace, is perfect for wedding ceremonies and includes an outside terrace where your guests can extend the party when things start to get enjoyable.

The address is 1118 Cross Highway, Fairfield CT, 06824 and telephone number is (203) 259-5244.

Saltwater Farm Vineyard The Saltwater Farm Vineyard has a long history and is one of the oldest farms in the entire country. It all started in 1653 when Walter Palmer, a New England man who lived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, founded a farm on a 230 acre plot of land. The modern Saltwater Farm vineyard sits on what was once a portion of Walter Palmer’s land. Most of that land, not restricted to the saltwater Farm Vineyard, has continued to be used as farmland well into the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Saltwater Farm Vineyard is well known for its wines, which have won many awards, and its favorable location on the shores of Connecticut. The two foundations of the area are a private airport from the World War II era and the coastal Connecticut farmland. The goal of the farm has always been to preserve these in a contemporary style. There is a lot that this excellent venue has to offer making it one of the most unique wedding venues in CT. I can’t think of a better place to hold a wedding ceremony here than in the vineyard itself. It can be treated as a metaphor. Like the wine that is made in the vineyard, your marriage is now pledged to only get better with time. Once you’re done with the nuptials, you can head on to the Tasting Room for the reception.

This room is located on the mezzanine floor of the airplane hangar that’s been restored from its World War II grandeur. The Tasting Room has stunning views of the landing strip from the 1930s and the 15 acres of land that make up the venue. The furnishings are wooden, the floor polished, and the room has plenty of stone accents, giving it a warm feeling. The staff are very happy to help and will hold your hand every step of the way.

The address is 349 Elm Street, RT 1A, Stonington CT, 06378 and telephone number is (800) 818-7258.

Welcome to Wedding Venues in CT

It doesn’t matter what season you’re in. Connecticut is one of the most beautiful states in the New England area at any and all times of the year. That, in itself, is a perfect reason why you might want to hold your wedding in Connecticut. That isn’t the only reason why it’s a great wedding venue. It happens to have one of the best collections of places to get married in CT.

“The Constitution State” not only has a lot of scenery when it comes to providing beautiful backgrounds for your wedding. It also has an expansive coastline that looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. That means you can do about anything from a formal wedding in a mansion to an informal feel-good wedding at the beach.

Connecticut is an excellent blend of different wedding venues. On the one hand, you have big city venues like New Haven; on the other, there are plenty of rural areas where you can hold your wedding in a more country-like setting.

New Haven is a municipality that is part of the wider metropolitan area of New York. As such, it certainly has a lot of the modern amenities you might need. But this urban area has got a lot more going for it. It was established in 1683, which means it has centuries upon centuries of history behind it. You will find lots of historic wedding venues where you can hold your reception and photo shoot.

If you’re more of the traditional kind, you will appreciate the farmhouses and barns in the rural area. Acres on acres of rolling green farmland are available for a beautiful country wedding that give a rustic feel to your wedding.

There are also plenty of other types for outdoor wedding venues in CT, such as beaches, clubs, gardens, vineyards, and parks. These will give a unique personality to your wedding ceremony and reception while providing awesome backgrounds for the photo sessions.

What are the Major Wedding Trends in Wedding Venues in CT?

Indoors or Outdoors?

As it turns out, the weddings held in Connecticut are split pretty evenly between the two. According to 2015 study by The Knot, 49% of couples that hold their weddings in Connecticut prefer an indoor wedding venue. One that was particularly preferred was the Wadsworth Mansion. This magnificent mansion features Georgian Revival architecture and a large estate around it. It was established in 100.

49% of couples that hold their weddings in Connecticut prefer to have an outdoor wedding. A preference in this case was the Saltwater Farm Vineyard, located in Stonington. The remaining 2% of couples had weddings that incorporated both indoor and outdoor venues.

What Style of Wedding is Preferred?

When it comes to style, the results are overwhelming. A whopping 68% of couples who had their weddings in Connecticut preferred a semi-formal affair. About 23% preferred a more formal black-tie wedding, while a meagre 9% went for a casual wedding.

This seems to make sense in a way. People go to Connecticut for the history and architecture employed in the many historic mansions. In such venues, the most fitting type of wedding is a formal or semi-formal styled wedding.

How do You Incorporate State Identity into your Wedding?

State pride should be a significant part of your wedding, at least as a way of appreciating the state in which you’re holding your wedding. In Connecticut, there are various ways to incorporate it into your wedding.

The state of Connecticut has an official dance: square dancing. This is a pretty popular dance across the state and you could easily incorporate it by including some country songs in your wedding playlist. It’s particularly great if you have a rustic wedding at a barn or farmhouse. You could also include the state flower, the Mountain Laurel, into the motif of the wedding decorations.

You could also show your state pride by incorporating Connecticut colors into your wedding decorations. Connecticut was a crucial part of many major events. These include the Revolution, the inception of the United States of America, and the Civil War that followed in the next century. As a result, part of its identity is the triplet of red, white, and blue that defines the American flag.

Including these colors into your wedding decorations will add a dash of Connecticut personality to your wedding and make you out to be a patriotic citizen. This particular color scheme is great for beach weddings as well because all of these are considered nautical colors. They fit right in whether you’re having a wedding in a mansion or at the coast.

How much will a Wedding in Connecticut Cost?

Before you get married in this state, it will be a good idea to have an idea of how much the wedding will cost you. That way, you won’t have a headache later when you try to have fun on your big day. Here’s a short breakdown of the average costs you can expect to incur on a Connecticut wedding:

  • Wedding Gown - $1,752

  • Venue – $19,597

  • Event Planner - $2,022

  • Flowers & Decorations - $2,512

  • Music - $1,700

  • Wedding Cake - $564

About 7 out of every 1000 couples in the United States of America are deciding to hold their wedding in the state of Connecticut. This is actually a healthy number, compared to other states, and reflects how popular Connecticut is as a wedding destination. The average amount of money spent on a wedding by these couples is approximately $42,000. According to the expenditure of over 70% of couples getting married in Connecticut, you shouldn’t expect to spend anything less than $20,000 if you’re going to hold your nuptials here.

What’s the Best Place to hold your Wedding in Connecticut?

You’re literally spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a town or city in Connecticut to hold your wedding in. There are about 170 cities and towns in this state and they are all spectacular. Whether you’re looking for a coastal town, a big city, a suburb, or a rural farming community for a rustic wedding, you’ll find something for you quite easily.

With all that said, there are still some venues that take the cake as far as popularity goes. They include New Haven, Bridgeport, and Stamford.

New Haven Wedding

New Haven is both old and new with its unique mixture of modern amenities and venues with a deep historic vibe. As far as potential venues are concerned, there is a wide assortment you can choose from here.

New Haven is a coastal town. It also happens to be the second largest city in Connecticut and is extremely old, dating back to 1683. This magnificent city is home to the Yale University, which has proven a popular venue for many young couples looking to hold their weddings.

Another thing that catches the eye with New Haven is its abundance of top notch restaurants. These will make great caterers if you decide to hold your wedding in this city. They could also be venues for your cocktail dinner if you’re planning on taking your wedding reception in that direction.

There are plenty of other venues in New Haven, all of them bringing something fresh to the table. These include landmarks with plenty of history behind them, theaters, museums, and performing arts centers, among others. They range in age from very recently to some as old as the port of New Haven itself.

Bridgeport Wedding

Bridgeport is another coastal city that perfectly captures the New England spirit with its mix of elegance and modernism. This city is quite populous, being the most populated city in Connecticut. It’s not doing particularly badly in the greater New England region either, being the 5th most populous city.

Bridgeport is simple bubbling with culture, and this is obvious in all of the various wedding venues available in this city. From parks and zoos to museums and theaters, you won’t lack options in Bridgeport. One thing’s for sure: the venues are picturesque and offer excellent backdrops for your wedding photos. A Bridgeport wedding is a picture perfect wedding.

Did you know that this city has been the location for many movies? This is because of the beautiful neighborhoods and the scenic streets. There is also plenty of history in this City with venues such as the Rodeph Shalom Synagogue, which was established in 1949 and the Cavalry Street George’s Episcopal Church, which was established in 1930.

Stamford Wedding

Stamford, believe it or not, is quite a popular business hub. Despite the dominance of nearby New York City, this little city with the third largest population in Connecticut still manages to hold its own. A lot of companies in the Fortune 1000 and the Fortune 500 have made their homes here, making the city quite vibrant.

There’s a lot more to Stamford, away from the business side of things. It has a lot of great venues, including golf clubs, grand hotels, and historic mansions, among many other venues that are perfect for semi-formal and formal weddings. Whether you want a location in the inner city or something maritime, Stamford has you covered.

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