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I am a Fairfield County family photographer with a passion for telling stories. I enjoy photographing families, and capturing each family’s unique individual story. Your family is one of a kind. I am a family photographer throughout Connecticut, and Fairfield County, and am also available to photograph families in New York and Hudson Valley. If you’re having a family party, event or reunion or just a relaxing day at the beach or park I can capture your family’s story. It is important to record this. When your family looks back years from now they will be reminded of the wonderful moments they shared together. Even the simplest moment can make a beautiful picture. It is a keepsake that can be treasured, cherished and shared for years to come. Each family is truly special and unique, and unlike another. I allow kids to be their playful selves and work around their own space while having fun.  Photographing their personality and relationships with other family members and nature is rewarding.  The moments are real and unique.I have been a documentary photographer for 15 years and have two young sons.  I know how impossible it is to corral them for a nice posed picture.  I also know how important it is to let them be themselves and to work around it.  I look back on the photos I have shot of them and all the memories from the day are brought right back.A Day in A Life is about documenting what makes your family special and unique.  I spend time with your family photographing everything that happens in a given day.  Playtime, naptime, meals, etc.  There is so much that happens in a day that we oftentimes forget.  Beautiful moments happen everyday and my goal is to make storytelling pictures that show the beauty of your family’s lives.Family portraits are a great way to document the growth of your family year to year and I do offer this as a service but these pictures don't tell who you are.  The emphasis is more on the action of making the portrait.  Getting the kids looking at the camera and posed perfectly, etc.I want to reveal who your family really is.  As a documentary photographer I have photographed families and people all over the world.  I have spent countless hours observing and photographing families of every background.  As a dad I have photographed hundreds of thousands of images of my boys.  My goal is always the same.  To show who they really are and to capture their essence in a series of photographs that tell a story.  From getting out of bed in the morning to breakfast to playing on the beach to the end of the day when they go to bed, it is my chance to tell your story and to create something that tells who your family is.Pets are a lot of fun to photograph. Playing with your family dog, or snuggling up to your cat. I photograph families in Bethel, Bridgeport, Brookfield, Danbury, Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, Monroe, New Canaan, Norwalk, Old Greenwich, Redding, Rowayton, Shelton, Stamford, Long Beach, Trumbull, and Westport.